July 4, 2023

WhatsApp CRM integration

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Sales operations today are conducted through modern technological means rather than face-to-face interactions. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system facilitates the process.

For optimal growth and sales management, you must consider WhatsApp CRM integration. This integration streamlines better customer communications through messages, primarily since WhatsApp API supports unlimited conversations. 

Key Features of a CRM System

Let us consider the characteristics of a Customer Relationship Management System.

CRM functions
  • Relationship management: helps organize and manage relationships with potential customers, strengthening connections and fostering loyalty.
  • Customer lifecycle interaction: enables easy customer interaction at every customer journey stage, from acquisition to retention, thanks to the stored data. 
  • Centralized data storage: stores customer contact information, sales opportunities, issue logs, and marketing campaign management in one centralized location.
  • Accessible customer information: allows employees to access comprehensive information about customer interactions, facilitating collaboration and increasing productivity.
  • Cost reduction for small businesses: helps small businesses reduce unnecessary expenses by streamlining processes and requiring fewer employees.
  • Customer base management for large companies: assists large companies in effectively managing their extensive customer base.
  • Collaboration and analysis: facilitates collaboration among marketing, sales, and customer service teams by providing a single platform for accessing customer data. It also enables analysis of customer behavior and requirements.

Integration with the WhatsApp Business platform offers a powerful combination of modern marketing tools. 

How can integrating WhatsApp with your CRM benefit your business?

WhatsApp CRM integration has several advantages for your business. Consider the following list: 

Benefits of CRM WhatsApp integration

Centralized conversation management

Integrating your CRM with WhatsApp lets you access and manage all your conversations from a single platform. Respond to chats, and assign conversations to agents, all in one place.

Multiple users, one WhatsApp Business API account

Managing incoming conversations can be challenging, but with WhatsApp CRM integration, you can enable multiple users to handle conversations from different devices, all using a single WhatsApp Business API account.

Comprehensive conversation insights

The integrated WhatsApp CRM overviews the entire conversation history, allowing your team to analyze critical details and provide personalized experiences to potential customers.

Instant and real-time communication

You can effectively handle a high volume of messages in real-time. Respond promptly to queries, meet your prospects' expectations, and even send automated greeting messages to visitors and more automated notifications. 

Enhanced team collaboration

The CRM WhatsApp integration results in better cooperation between teams and agents. You can assign conversations when additional support is needed or to the right agent who will be empowered by the provided customer data.  Teams can share notes, feedback, and insights with other team members.

Personalized broadcasts

You can leverage the broadcast messaging feature of WhatsApp Business API to send promotional messages to multiple contacts simultaneously. Thanks to CRM integration, you can segment your customer database and use attributes to send campaigns only to highly interested customers. 

Automatic lead capture

Thanks to the WhatsApp CRM integration, capture leads effortlessly. Gather prospect details from WhatsApp entry points and save them as contacts or leads, ensuring no potential opportunities are missed.

How to integrate WhatsApp with a CRM?

Integrating a CRM to a WhatsApp API account can be done natively or through third parties, as per the features and limits of the CRM you choose. 

However, Kartly offers a great alternative to CRMs. kartly has a built-in CRM to organize all your customers' information. Here’s how it works:

WhatsApp CRM integration through Kartly

Integrate your online store with Kartly

You can integrate with Salla, Zid, or Shopify from within your Kartly account. Simply head to the app store, choose your platform, and follow the steps. 

Otherwise, you can integrate Kartly natively from within your online store dashboard. 

Remember to enable the sync contacts option inside your app configuration.

You will receive a confirmation email once your contacts are synced successfully.

Syncing your contacts will give you access to your existing and future contacts in one centralized place, the Kartly contact management section. 

Deploy WhatsApp entry points

Once you integrate your store with Kartly, you can work on creating a significant database. Deploying WhatsApp entry points will help bring more leads. 

You can add a WhatsApp widget on your website to capture interested visitors and turn them into leads. 

Facebook and Instagram ads and WhatsApp buttons on social media profiles are two great examples of WhatsApp touch points to quickly direct leads to their favorite app and gain time to qualify them. 

Check these 19 tactics to build a WhatsApp contact list and the 6 strategies to list building for e-commerce. 

Analyze and segment your database

From your Kartly dashboard, you can analyze, export, segment, and import your contact database as best suits your WhatsApp marketing strategy. 

Segmenting your database will ensure high ROI as you send marketing campaigns to those most interested in your service or product. The information your WhatsApp chatbot captures and classifies in your CRM section will be vital in understanding your audience and catering to their specific need. 

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