Turn more store visitors to paying customers

More than 90% of your website visitors are leaving without any means to identify them. Setup your discount pop-up on your Shopify store, your new website visitors will be redirected to whatsapp to claim their discount code and will recieve automated followup for optimal result.

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Why offer a discount for new visitors

Of all your website visitors

Will browse your website and leave and you will not have any means to communicate with them

Of these visitors

Will be intrested in a discount and would consider buying from if presented with a special offer

More website conversions

Is the boost our customers have seen, after setting up special dicounts Pop-up for their shopify stores

How to further grow your revenue on Shopify?

Recover up to 20% from your abandoned carts

Only 30% of customers that built a cart will finalize their purchase, 70% will leave never complete their checkout. Automate a series of message to incentive them and recover up 20% of their value

Send up to 3 reminders

No technical skills required

From popup interactions to paying customers

The discount popup will help you convert 5 to 10% of the popup viewers to identified contacts. Setup your welcome series automation to followup with these subscribers and offer incentives to grow your conversions.

From one-time shoppers to Loyal Customers

Make sure that your first time buyers become loyal customers and make repeated purchase. Automate win back offer and reminder and assure that 30% of your customers are returning again and again.

Send Campaigns to unlimited contacts without getting banned

Even for your seasonal campaigns & product launches. Send your bulk campaigns to all your customer base in one click. Get access to a detailed report on all your campaign metrics

Get Access to Ecommerce Marketing experts

White-glove onboarding

From live training to hands on assistance to help you activate your automated WhatsApp flows, our team is here to help you succeed.

Whatsapp API activation

Our team well help you activate your Whatsapp Business API account and verify your Facebook Manager account.

24/7 Support

We know Ecommerce never sleeps. And so do we, our team is always ready to offer guidance and help whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive about BusinessChat.

Do you offer a free trial ?

Yes. However, because we always offer top notch onboarding, it is not open and requires eligibility.
Eligibility criterias for a free trial :
- Have an Ecommerce business on Shopify, Salla or Zid platforms.
- Have an average of 100 orders or more in the last 3 months.
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How much does BusinessChat's subscription costs ?

BusinessChat has a Starter and a Professional Plan. The cost of each plan depends on the number of conversations you send every month.

For the starter Plan, the fixed cost is $100 per month and $11 per extra 1000 conversation as a variable cost, that you pay at the end of the month. (the starter plan includes 1000 free conversations).

The advantage with our pricing model is that you don't have to select a certain amount of conversations or contacts per month. In any given month, you only pay for your consumption of conversations and nothing more. For more details visit our pricing page.

Do I need technical skills to launch the Popup

No, you just need to design your popup on BusinessChat and choose your trigger in the Popup editor.
Trigger examples:
- Show the Popup to: A visitor who spends 5 minutes on your website without buying
- Show the Popup to: A visitor who is about to exit your website

Once you activate your Popup the integration between BusinessChat and your Ecommerce platform ( Shopify,Salla or Zid) will take care of displaying the Popup on your website based on the trigger of your choice.

Is there a limit for the number of monthly Popup viewers or clicks?

Regardless of your subscription plan, BusinessChat does not limit you in any way. No limits on the number of times your popup is displayed on your website or the number of interactions your visitors have with the Popup. It's all unlimited.

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