BusinessChat is like Klaviyo for Whatsapp. But better.

Say goodbye to Low open rate, Spam folders, limited support, and basic automations. Take full control with BusinessChat, the ecommerce marketing platform designed for Shopify on the #1 marketing channel, WhatsApp.

Helping more than 500 brands grow Ecommerce revenue

Why brands choose BusinessChat over Klaviyo

Send your campaigns in no time

You shouldn’t have to be an expert in marketing software to launch you retargeting campaigns on Whatsapp.

At BusinessChat we know the E-Commerce playbook by heart. We selected the most performing Marketing flows and made the setup very easy.

Our mission is to help you achieve your sales targets. Simply input your message, and let us handle the rest, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Grow you store with expert assistance.

The BusinessChat team will serve as your mentor every step of the way.
Our platform offers live chat support with a human agent, available 7 days a week for all your inquiries.

We'll be there from the start, assisting you with the activation process, helping you launch successful campaigns, and sharing valuable industry insights.

Pay for what you use, nothing more.

With klaviyo pricing module, you pay based on the volume of contacts you have. Whether, you communicate with all of them or a portion, you still pay the full price everytime.

With BusinessChat you pay per message bundle once your first free 1000 message are consumed.

We are not in the Business of tricking you to pay more.
We want to help you grow revenue.

Whatsapp is the highest performing marketing channel.
Email marketers are taking notice

Open Rate

The best open rate out there
No email subject line can beat that

Click-through rate

Send campaigns designed to get you optimal results

Return on each 1$ spent

And it gets up to $130 per dollar for automated campaigns

Comparing BusinessChat and Klaviyo

😍 The Best marketing channel:
WhatsApp is the future of marketing, thanks to its high engagement, open rate, conversion rate, and the fact that it's where your customers are. It's the ideal platform for businesses seeking to engage with customers and drive sales.

😍 Unlimited Message Sends:
Send as many messages as you need, regardless of your contact list size. Our consumption-based pricing model ensures you can reach your customers at the right time without any limitations.

Welcome Series Automation:
Use our top revenue-generating feature to implement popups on your website. These popups entice new visitors to make their first purchase and help expand your customer database.

😍 Cart Abandonment Messages:
Recover up to 20% of your monthly abandoned carts with our automated messages targeted at customers who leave your e-commerce store. Our messages boast an impressive 80% open rate. Create a perfectly timed series to maximize your cart recovery efforts.

😍 Flexible Shopify Coupon Creation:
Generate unique coupon codes for each customer who initiates automation. Easily create and integrate the coupon's custom field directly into your message template, without the need to worry about ensuring you have the "right" number of codes available for recipients.

😍 Expert Support:
Our BusinessChat team offers industry-level  marketing insights and support to assist you in launching your first campaign and getting your business on the right track.

😍 User-Friendly Editor & Template Library:
Stay ahead of your customers by sending promotions and updates using BusinessChat's minimal campaign editor and high converting template library.

😢 Overused marketing channel:
Email marketing has become oversaturated, with your customers receiving an abundance of promotional messages daily which leads to lower open and conversion rates.

😢 Monthly Sending Limits:
The quantity of emails you're allowed to send monthly depends on your contact list size. If you surpass your designated monthly email send limit, Klaviyo will apply additional charges.

Forms with Limited List Growth Potential:
Klaviyo's signup forms feature targeting conditions that may not be fully optimized for maximizing list growth, potentially resulting in the loss of thousands of signups each month.

🥲 Ineffective Checkout Abandonment:
Klaviyo’s cart abandonment flow’s open rate is 10%. So if a shopper adds an item to their cart and doesn’t start checkout, they are most likely not to open the email they will receive. That translates to money left on the table for your brand.

🥲 Time-Consuming Coupon Generation:
Klaviyo campaigns involves manual entry of coupon tags. If you don't generate sufficient coupon codes for all recipients, some may miss out on your campaign entirely, resulting in fewer campaigns delivered and potentially reduced sales for your store.

😢 Restricted Support:
Unless you have over 150,000 contacts, you'll have access to limited support, mainly through email and chat. This leads toextended response times and generic replies.

🥲 Complex User Interface -
ecommerce owners are finding Klaviyo's interface not so user-friendly, with minor adjustments taking a lot of time, which can be very challenging when managing a business."

How to further grow your revenue on Shopify?

From popup interactions to paying customers

The discount popup will help you convert 5 to 10% of the popup viewers to identified contacts. Setup your welcome series automation to followup with these subscribers and offer incentives to grow your conversions.

From one-time shoppers to Loyal Customers

Make sure that your first time buyers become loyal customers and make repeated purchase. Automate win back offer and reminder and assure that 30% of your customers are returning again and again.

Send Campaigns to unlimited contacts without getting banned

Even for your seasonal campaigns & product launches. Send your bulk campaigns to all your customer base in one click. Get access to a detailed report on all your campaign metrics

Get Access to Ecommerce Marketing experts

White-glove onboarding

From live training to hands on assistance to help you activate your automated WhatsApp flows, our team is here to help you succeed.

Whatsapp API activation

Our team well help you activate your Whatsapp Business API account and verify your Facebook Manager account.

24/7 Support

We know Ecommerce never sleeps. And so do we, our team is always ready to offer guidance and help whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive about BusinessChat.

Do you offer a free trial ?

Yes. However, because we always offer top notch onboarding, it is not open and requires eligibility.
Eligibility criterias for a free trial :
- Have an Ecommerce business on Shopify, Salla or Zid platforms.
- Have an average of 100 orders or more in the last 3 months.
Request your free trial

How much does BusinessChat's subscription costs ?

BusinessChat has a Starter and a Professional Plan. The cost of each plan depends on the number of conversations you send every month.

For the starter Plan, the fixed cost is $100 per month and $11 per extra 1000 conversation as a variable cost, that you pay at the end of the month. (the starter plan includes 1000 free conversations).

The advantage with our pricing model is that you don't have to select a certain amount of conversations or contacts per month. In any given month, you only pay for your consumption of conversations and nothing more. For more details visit our pricing page.

How is BusinessChat's customer service & support?

All BusinessChat customers get human live chat or Whatsapp support – 7 days a week with an average wait time of 5 minutes.
At BusinessChat, you’ll always get support from a real person no matter how many messages you send per month. Once a customer, we will help you activate Whatsapp API and provide 1:1 onboarding & training for you and your team.
If you are on the Enterprise plan you are eligible for 1:1 ongoing support with a dedicated account manager.

Is there a limit for the number of contacts or monthly messages ?

Regardless of your subscription plan, BusinessChat does not limit you in any way. No limits on contacts, monthly messages or users from your team. It's all unlimited.

Can I Import contacts from other platforms ?

Contact import can be automated or manual.
The automated part is done by connecting your Ecommerce Store ( Shopify, Salla or Zid) which will automatically add your Store contacts to BusinessChat and keep them updated.
If you have other contacts, you can upload them to your BusinessChat account with a CSV file.
Make sure to always add opt-in contacts to maintain a healthy database.

Can you help me get the green tick for my WhatsApp number?

Short answer : Except for WhatsApp team, no one can give you approval for green tick.
Long answer : Unlike social media platforms, Whatsapp green tick is not something you can buy with monthly fees. First, you have to be using Whatsapp API services and actively sending campaigns and receiving messages on your Whatsapp API. Then, you can apply by filling a form.

Here is a detailed article about the process, requirements and best practices :
WhatsApp Green tick full guide

How can I activate Whatsapp API on my number ?

You don't need to, Businesschat team will support you in the following steps:
- Taking care of WhatsApp API Activation and Facebook manger activation for you.
- Helping you synch your Ecommerce store and activate your automation flows.
- Training your Team on all platform capabilities.​

Can I get my number blocked if I send a campaign a large number customers ?

Unlike unofficial WhatsApp solutions that use QR code scanning for activation, BusinessChat is an official partner of Whatsapp, and we use WhatsApp Business API official channel.​

By using our platform for your marketing campaigns and automation, the risk of getting your number blocked is non-existing as long as you comply with Whatsapp's anti-spam regulations.

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