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If you're running a Zid online Shop you can experience the benefits of Whatsapp Marketing and customer service with BusinessChat. Integrate BusinessChat with Zid App , and start engaging with your customers more effectively with automated campaigns and bulk messages over Whatsapp.

Helping more than 500 brands grow revenue over Whatsapp

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Special offer Pop-up to grow your list and double conversions on Zid

Creating and launching your Pop-up is incredibly easy with our user-friendly editor. You can quickly choose a template from our collection and customize it to match your brand's unique style. After that, you can pick a special offer that aligns with your objectives, and then decide when and how it appears to your desired audience. We're all about simplifying the process for you, so you can effortlessly craft a compelling Pop-up that boosts your conversion rates.

Reduce your monthly
lost orders

Turn cart abandonment into an opportunity to increase your sales. Set up an automated cart recovery campaign that kicks in as soon as a visitor adds products to their cart but leaves your store without finishing their purchase. You can send them up to three reminders that include the items they left behind in their cart, along with a discount code. This approach has the potential to recover up to 20% of the sales you might have otherwise lost on Zid.

From one-time customers to repeat buyers on Zid

Bring back customers who have been inactive for a while using BusinessChat's winback WhatsApp messages. Craft and send coupon codes that seamlessly connect to your Zid store, allowing you to monitor how many are claimed. Set up automated winback notifications to be sent after a specific time period, tailored to your typical re-ordering cycle. This way, you can entice inactive customers to return and make purchases again.

WhatsApp Campaigns made for Zid stores

BusinessChat's broadcast campaigns are designed specifically for Zid Ecommerce stores. You can effortlessly import contact details and information from your Zid store into your WhatsApp campaigns. Plus, you have the freedom to completely customize your WhatsApp messages to align with your brand's unique style. Whether it's seasonal promotions, new product launches, or exclusive special offers, you can send it all through your personalized WhatsApp campaigns with ease.

Get Access to our team of experts

White-glove onboarding

From live training to hands on assistance to help you activate your automated WhatsApp flows, our team is here to help you succeed.

Whatsapp API activation

Our team well help you activate your Whatsapp Business API account and verify your Facebook Manager account.

24/7 Support

We know Ecommerce never sleeps. And so do we, our team is always ready to offer guidance and help whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive about BusinessChat.

Do you offer a free trial ?

Yes. However, because we always offer top notch onboarding, it is not open and requires eligibility.
Eligibility criterias for a free trial :
- Have an Ecommerce business on Shopify, Salla or Zid platforms.
- Have an average of 100 orders or more in the last 3 months.
Request your free trial

How much does BusinessChat's subscription costs ?

BusinessChat has a Starter and a Professional Plan. The cost of each plan depends on the number of conversations you send every month.

For the starter Plan, the fixed cost is $100 per month and $11 per extra 1000 conversation as a variable cost, that you pay at the end of the month. (the starter plan includes 1000 free conversations).

The advantage with our pricing model is that you don't have to select a certain amount of conversations or contacts per month. In any given month, you only pay for your consumption of conversations and nothing more. For more details visit our pricing page.

How is BusinessChat's customer service & support?

All BusinessChat customers get human live chat or Whatsapp support – 7 days a week with an average wait time of 5 minutes.
At BusinessChat, you’ll always get support from a real person no matter how many messages you send per month. Once a customer, we will help you activate Whatsapp API and provide 1:1 onboarding & training for you and your team.
If you are on the Enterprise plan you are eligible for 1:1 ongoing support with a dedicated account manager.

Is there a limit for the number of contacts or monthly messages ?

Regardless of your subscription plan, BusinessChat does not limit you in any way. No limits on contacts, monthly messages or users from your team. It's all unlimited.

Can I Import contacts from other platforms ?

Contact import can be automated or manual.
The automated part is done by connecting your Ecommerce Store ( Shopify, Salla or Zid) which will automatically add your Store contacts to BusinessChat and keep them updated.
If you have other contacts, you can upload them to your BusinessChat account with a CSV file.
Make sure to always add opt-in contacts to maintain a healthy database.

Can you help me get the green tick for my WhatsApp number?

Short answer : Except for WhatsApp team, no one can give you approval for green tick.
Long answer : Unlike social media platforms, Whatsapp green tick is not something you can buy with monthly fees. First, you have to be using Whatsapp API services and actively sending campaigns and receiving messages on your Whatsapp API. Then, you can apply by filling a form.

Here is a detailed article about the process, requirements and best practices :
WhatsApp Green tick full guide

How can I activate Whatsapp API on my number ?

You don't need to, Businesschat team will support you in the following steps:
- Taking care of WhatsApp API Activation and Facebook manger activation for you.
- Helping you synch your Ecommerce store and activate your automation flows.
- Training your Team on all platform capabilities.​

Can I get my number blocked if I send a campaign a large number customers ?

Unlike unofficial WhatsApp solutions that use QR code scanning for activation, BusinessChat is an official partner of Whatsapp, and we use WhatsApp Business API official channel.​

By using our platform for your marketing campaigns and automation, the risk of getting your number blocked is non-existing as long as you comply with Whatsapp's anti-spam regulations.

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