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Practical Applications of WhatsApp Links

Instant WhatsApp chat redirection

Help your customers to easily initiate a WhatsApp conversation with your business, effortlessly connecting even without having your number saved to their phone.

Maximize Your Reach with WhatsApp Links

Enhance your WhatsApp marketing with powerful links. Share easily on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. 🌐 #WhatsAppLink 🚀

Easy WhatsApp Lead Collection

Automatically capture and secure customer numbers for future use with a WhatsApp link that gathers and saves their information when they message you.

Check these examples

Whatsapp link for Instagram

Share your WhatsApp link on Instagram Bio for easy customer connections!

Whatsapp link for Facebook

Maximize Facebook impact with a shared WhatsApp link on your bio and Facebook posts

Whatsapp message without having to save your number

Effortless connections via WhatsApp link direct-messages, no number saving  needed

FAQ : Whatsapp Link Creator

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive about our Whatsapp Link Generator.

How to generate a direct link for my WhatAapp number ?

To create a custom link for your WhatsApp number, fill your WhatsApp number into the form above and press the “generate WhatsApp link” button. Optionally, you can add a custom message that will be prefilled when someone uses your link.

Why use a WhatsApp link generator?

Once a a potential client is on your website or your social media page, it is essantial to make reaching out to your business an easy task. Our free tool allows you to create as many shareable WhatsApp links as you need. Add them to your Instagram bio, buttons on your website, your email signature and more!

Why use a custom message?

Adding a custom message has many benefits one of them is to make contacting you for the first time is even easier. They can also become a part of your messaging strategy: Use them to help you track which sources contacts are writing to you from, or create separate links with custom messages to help you easily sort sales inquiries from support questions.

Is it free to create WhatsApp links?

Yes, it’s free to create as many WhatsApp links as you want.

Can I create multiple WhatsApp links?

Yes! Plus, creating multiple WhatsApp links with their own custom messages is also a smart way to quickly categorize incoming conversations in your inbox.

How do I delete my WhatsApp link?

There’s no need! Simply stop sharing it. You can generate and use as many links as needed simultaneously.

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