Dleel.com : Generating $136 for every dollar spent with BusinessChat

Mr.Zakaria Alrashedi

Head of Ecommerce

Key Whatsapp Marketing Metrics

Return on advertising spend (ROAS): 136:1

Open rate: 77%

Click through rate: 35%

About Dleel.com

Dleel.com stands as a hub for cutting-edge consumer electronics, renowned for its innovation and quality. Their expansive catalog features the most up-to-date smartphones, smartwatches, and various accessories.

Having firmly established their presence in the market since 2007, they initially specialized in wholesale operations. However, recognizing the growing demand for their products, they ventured into the world of retail in 2018.

This pivotal transition ushered in a new era, compelling the team to grow and implement customer-centric marketing strategies to captivate customers and website visitors. Their website, a prolific source of information and data, became a significant focus. 

" I believe that BusinessChat is the perfect solution for customer retargeting and revenue growth. It is an indispensable tool for WhatsApp marketing automation. BusinessChat's team are true partners in our success, especially when it comes to recovering abandoned carts." 
Mr. Zakaria Alrashedi, Head of Ecommerce of Dleel.com

The Challenge

Mr. Zakaria, the head of Ecommerce at Dleel.com, acknowledging how hard it is to attract customers, highlighted one of their primary challenges: the high acquisition cost. This obstacle prompted them to embark on a quest for a more cost-effective solution.

The newly established marketing team tirelessly explored various avenues and tested multiple ways. They were searching for a method to establish lasting connections with customers, which would offset the acquisition expenses. Initial attempts with SMS-based solutions revealed a misalignment with their target audience's preferences.

They discovered WhatsApp, but using the business version of the channel, they got blocked for sending blasts. 

The Solution

The company’s fortunes changed when it discovered BusinessChat and, in particular, the potential of WhatsApp, a widely embraced communication channel in the region. 

This revelation allowed them to engage with customers more effectively, employing the right strategies through a channel where messages consistently captured attention and interaction. The official status of BusincessChat protected them from ever getting blocked. 

Initially, Dleel's team experimented with manual retargeting and seasonal campaigns to assess the potential of WhatsApp campaigns. However, it was the incorporation of automation that genuinely enabled the DTC brand to establish an exceptionally intimate connection with customers. This achievement was made possible through the extensive and evolving automation capabilities provided by BusinessChat. 

The Strategy

Aware of the potential of abandoned cart notifications, Dleel.com started sending these notifications through the usual campaign method, blasts with one click. 

As soon as BusinessChat launched the automation features, the ease of use and relief was obvious and translated into $136 revenue for each $1 spent on these automated campaigns. 

Next order of business was targeted promotional campaigns to well-defined groups of customers based on behaviors, shopping history, etc. They earned 450% in ROI from seasonal campaigns using WhatsApp. 

Mr. Zakaria's Advice for Ecommerce owners and marketers

Reflecting on his expertise, Mr. Zakaria shared some ecommerce and marketing tips based on current market insights from the Saudi Arabian market. 

  • SMS is no longer driving results. It’s an exhausted channel. 
  • The price range for SMS and WhatsApp is similar, but the difference is that you can send videos or images on WhatsApp. Plus, there is no character limits and you will not be charged extra for beyond the limits texts.  
  • Invest what you are paying for social media ads in WhatsApp because it’s less expensive and use the difference in budget to offer discounts to encourage the right segment to buy. 
  • Tracking represents a crucial advantage that eCommerce can leverage on WhatsApp, setting it apart from SMS. With WhatsApp, you can monitor sales attributions from your campaigns and effortlessly measure your  ROI. 

Finally, Mr. Zakaria reiterates: “Marketing accounts for a significant portion, around 90%, of the budget, and unfortunately, many new ecommerce owners tend to overlook its importance, especially when working with limited funds. In such cases, one of the most effective solutions is to focus your marketing efforts on WhatsApp.”
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