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Grow your Ecommerce revenue on autopilot with WhatsApp Marketing automation.

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Powering 500+ Retail & Ecommerce Brands

Powering 500+ Retail & Ecommerce Brands

Automate cart abandonement

Recover up to 20% of your monthly abandoned carts with automated notifications to customers who leave your e-commerce store without completing the payment process.

Send up to 3 reminders

No technical skills required

Send Campaigns to unlimited contacts without ban

Upload your list, broadcast your campaign, and get up to 98% open rate and 30% click-through Rate.

Official WhatsApp API

Intelligent marketing automation
to help you grow on autopilot

Welcome new contacts with special offers

Give a good first impression. Welcome them with a limited-time offer, and tell your brand story. These first-touch whatsapp message are vital to building long-lasting customer relationships.

Sell more items to your shoppers

Re-target your new customers with special offers to encourage a second purchase. Get 10% conversions on autopilot.

Reward customer & earn their loyalty

Send automated followup campaigns to re-engage previous customers who haven't purchased for a while. Get up to 25% conversion.

Tailored to help you grow
your E-commerce on auto-pilot

White-glove onboarding

Our team will help you activate your WhatsApp API number, set up your account & offer free live training sessions.

List building Pop-up

Collect the name and phone number of new website visitors with special discount offers.

Dashboards & reports

Revenue generated by BusinessChat
Broadcast campaigns performance
Automation flows performance

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“As a client, I must acknowledge the fact that you have built a world-class service with unmatched customer success. I wish you good luck.”

Ahmad Hamdi
Head of Ecommerce

“I started working with  BusinessChat team since they launched. They are constantly upgrading the platform to betteter serve the ME market requirements. I strongly recommend working with them.”

Mootaz Jannat
Founder & CEO

“Was looking for a good app for whatsapp automation. Found BusinessChat at the right time, All the features are amazing. Especially the support, one of the best support systems I've seen  in a while.”

Fahd Kinani
Head of Ecommerce

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive about BusinessChat.

What are Whatsapp conversation fees ?

Whatsapp API pricing is a fee you pay directly to META, just like the fees you pay for your Facebook or Instagram Ads. These fees are based on the number of conversations you have initiated (Promotional campaigns, abandoned cart recovery..) and your customer-initiated conversations. ​ For more information

For Saudi Arabia Whatsapp charges :
- Business-initiated conversation: 0.15 SAR per message
- Customer-initiated conversation:  0.07 SAR per message​
Here is a list of the pricing for the rest of the countries

When I send a marketing campaign, the customer answers, and I answer back. Do I pay for every message?

No, Whatsapp charges are based on conversation and not messages.In this example, the conversation starts when your customer receives the marketing campaign, lasting 24 hours.​
During this 24-hour window, all the messages exchanged with your customers do not produce additional charges.

What happens when I finish the 1000 free conversations

It is possible to send and receive an unlimited number of conversations. After the free 1000 conversations are consumed we start charging 0.04 SAR per conversation.

How can I activate Whatsapp API on my number ?

You don't need to worry about any technical setup.
Businesschat team will support you in the following steps:
Taking care of WhatsApp API Activation for you.
Helping you create and activate your chatbot,  catalog, automation ...
Training your Team on all platform capabilities.​

This service is provided for free to all paying customers.

Can I get my number blocked if I send a campaign a 10 000 customers ?

Unlike hacked WhatsApp solutions that use QR code scanning for activation, we are an official partner of Whatsapp, and we use WhatsApp Business API.​
By using our platform for your marketing campaigns and automation, the risk of getting your number blocked is non-existing.

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