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list building strategy for e-commerce
May 24, 2023

6 List building strategies for e-commerce

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It’s worth mentioning again that building a genuine contact list is e-commerce’s ultimate weapon to drive sales and retain customers. An engaged customer database is a mine for repeat purchases and growth.

Consider the following strategies to implement for list building.

1 Use Popups For Desktop And Flyouts For Mobile Devices

E-commerce stores use popups to capture leads as soon as they land on a page or when they are about to bounce. Either way, popups are one good way to collect leads’ information, especially if you make it interesting enough. The average conversion rate is 11.9%, an exciting result to seek.

Yet, popups are not optimized for mobile phones. As a result, they disrupt the customer experience and often do the opposite of what they are supposed to achieve. To overcome this problem, you have to use flyouts for mobile devices.

Flyouts appear at the top or bottom of the screen and do not disturb customers' scrolling. People can still interact with content behind the flyout.

Add-ons such as FaceWP can help you create customized flyouts.  

Use Popups For Desktop And Flyouts For Mobile Devices

2 Create Lead Magnets To Collect Contact Details

Leads magnets are not just for B2B marketing. People have become more product conscious and are constantly seeking usage tips, general health advice, etc. use this tendency to create lead magnets for your customers and visitors.

This works primarily at the beginning of the funnel, as most people are still discovering your brand, seeking solutions to their pain points, and probably not thinking about purchasing yet. Statistics show that offering an ebook in exchange for a subscription will increase conversions to 7.49%.

The content will depend on your niche and products or services. Overall, make sure you add value and create compelling content to convince customers to subscribe, hoping for more.

Create Lead Magnets To Collect Contact Details

3 Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Engagement

Quizzes are one method e-commerce businesses use to drive more engagement and sales. You can leverage the power of play to engage your leads in meaningful and helpful interactions. For example, lucky wheels popups have a conversion rate of 13.23%.

Insert questions that address relevant pain points, and you will secure significant engagement. Ask people to subscribe to receive the correct answer, and you will create a win-win situation.

Another way to use quizzes is by inserting a quiz funnel to know your leads better and provide relevant recommendations.

Such quizzes will likely yield more subscriptions because people feel they are given special care and customized service. Providing consulting services before asking for their contact information will affect customers' attitudes positively. Indeed, statistics show that conversational popups have a 20% conversion rate.

Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Engagement

4 Let your visitors play & win

Games are certainly an effective way to grab people’s attention and make visitors' experiences more exciting. Allowing your customers to compete and play to win a coupon or discount is more rewarding and engaging than simply offering them one.

Fun opt-in forms have higher conversion rates than usual popups. These can also define your brand image in a positive light and set expectations for more engagement.

Let your visitors play & win

5 Embed sign-up forms on blog posts plus personalized CTAs

Writing great content for your blog should drive a significant number of visitors. To ensure these visitors return or convert, embed signup forms on each blog post to ask people to subscribe.

Add personalized calls to action based on the piece of content in question for more conversions. For instance, ask them to subscribe to receive tips, content updates, new releases, etc.

Embed sign-up forms on blog posts plus personalized CTAs

6 Tease your seasonal campaigns

Seasonal campaigns are not just opportunities to drive sales; they can also be triggers for subscriptions. A seasonal campaign will create excitement and anticipation. Leverage this emotional potential and create popups promoting your offers. Ask for subscriptions to send them timely updates on the campaign.

This strategy can e used both on the website and social media accounts. Followers are significant potential customers. Besides, social media will spread the word more than expected, leading to more buzz and brand awareness.

Overall, seasonal campaign popups have a conversion rate of 11.88%. It’s an important percentage to consider.

Tease your seasonal campaigns

Table of Content

Table of Content

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