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Snapchat Ads : How to make a commercial on Snapchat

اعلانات سناب شات

Like most people, you probably think of Snapchat as a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family. But you may need to learn that Snapchat is also one of the best advertising platforms.

Like all social media platforms, Snapchat was monetized as soon as the company went public in 2017. Now it offers various features for businesses to enhance their marketing efforts.

The platform is the fourth most used social media channel in Saudi Arabia, with more than 24 million users. Therefore, if you want to attract youth to your business and harness the power of real-time marketing, you must start leveraging Snapchat ads.

Keep reading to discover why these ads are worth your time and effort.

Why are Snapchat ads so effective?

Businesses of all sizes are turning to Snapchat to reach their target audiences, and they see some fantastic results. Here are a few reasons:

  • They're highly visual: which means they can capture attention. And because Snapchat is still a relatively new platform, there are many opportunities to reach users who might not be exposed to your brand elsewhere.

  • Snapchat ads are affordable: they're a great way to get started with advertising on social media with a minimum budget.

  • Snapchat appeals to Gen Z and millennials: globally, statistics show that the largest audiences on Snapchat are females between the ages of 13-17 and males between 25 and 34. Millennials possess significant purchasing power and potential. Leveraging Snapchat ads will win you a critical audience.

  • Free templates would be handy, especially for small businesses that still need comprehensive marketing teams. It makes the process easy and quick.

  • Augmented reality experience: "These AR experiences inform and enrich – helping you do things like translate languages, take spatial measurements, and scan real-world objects." AR experience is the next groundbreaker in marketing, and snap already made it possible. Using this feature will improve customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Ad awareness: Snapchat commercials have 5x higher ad awareness than other mobile video ads.

So if you're looking for a new and exciting way to reach your target market, Snapchat is worth considering. And in this guide, we'll show you how to start with Snapchat ads so you can start seeing results for your business.

Types of Snapchat ads

First, before using the platform, you must be familiar with the different features and types of content available.

There are several different types of Snapchat ads, each with its benefits. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular types of Snapchat ads:

  • Single Image or Video Ads are full-screen displayed between content on Snapchat. You can add links to your images or videos to convert potential customers and call them to take action.

  • Snapchat filters are unique overlays that can be applied to images or videos in real-time. They are often used to promote special events or products and can be customized to include branding or other marketing messages.

  • Snapchat lenses: These are similar to filters but are interactive and can be used to change the appearance of a user's face in real-time. They use augmented reality technology to make the shopping experience more fun and authentic. They are often used for promotional purposes.

  • Snapchat stories: short, attention-grabbing videos or images appearing in a user's "story" feed or a tile in Snapchat's Discover section with a collection of 3 to 20 images or videos.

  • Product catalog ads: "shapable ad formats" to showcase your products.

  • Commercials: are non-skippable ads that appear in between content. They can be up to three minutes long.

  • Influencer snaps: influencer marketing is one way to leverage the power of Snapchat and reach many users. You might want to avoid building your business account and wait to achieve visibility, which might take a long time. Influencers can be of great assistance in this case. Simply reach out to reputable influencers on the platform and discuss a strategy with them. Ensure the influencers’ snaps on your product or brand appear as natural as possible.

Snapchat ads can be a great way to reach out to potential customers, but choosing the right type of ad for your needs is crucial. If you are still determining which type of Snapchat ad would be best for your business, consider consulting with a social media marketing expert.

How to advertise on Snapchat

Now that you know the different types of Snapchat ads, you can choose what best suits your goals and overall marketing strategy.

The next step is creating an ad. If you are familiar with Facebook Ads Manager, you will find your way around Snapchat Ads Manager. Again, if you are familiar with Facebook, getting a good grip on the tool will only take a while.

First of all, you will have to sign in to your Snapchat account. Then, head to the Ads Manager and click "create ads."

You can either choose from Instant Create or Advanced Create. The second button allows you to create multiple ad sets.

You will need to pick a target next. Snapchat breaks eCommerce goals into three categories per the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Next, name your campaign, set your budget, and you will be ready to create your ad finally.

Once everything is set up, keep some of the following best practices in mind.

Snapchat ads' best practices

To master Snapchat advertising, there are a few best practices to remember.

  • Highlight the first 3 seconds: Snapchat ads should always focus on the first two to three seconds. This is because people are more likely to scroll through their feeds quickly, and you want to make sure your ad stands out. Incorporate something to hook your audience and push them to keep watching.

  • Brand and value proposition: Leading with your brand and value proposition is essential. This will help grab people's attention and let them know what you're all about. The brand logo will help revive customers' memories of your business, while the value proposition will make you stand out from the competition.

  • Use the Snapchat lifestyle categories: this feature allows you to target people based on their preferences. You will only serve ads that are relevant to what they have been watching or are interested in; hence they will not be spammed by all types and themes of ads.

  • Include a visual call to action: this could be something as simple as an arrow pointing to your snap code or website.

  • Use the retargeting feature: Snapchat offers a retargeting feature called Ad Engagement Audiences. It is specific to actions taken on Snapchat and can retarget people based on their initial actions on your first ad. You can leverage the feature to nurture potential customers throughout the funnel.

By following these best practices, you'll be sure to create successful Snapchat ads that convert! Still, you might want a plan B just in case things go sideways or do not yield the desired results.

Next, we will describe two tested alternatives to Snapchat ads in Saudi Arabia.

Alternatives to Snapchat


If you still want to create visual content for your brand but are afraid of the quickly disappearing content on Snapchat, you might want to rely on Instagram instead. Instagram is a favorite among different demographic groups, and it’s visually focused as well.

Instagram is estimated to reach 2.5 billion monthly active users by 2023. It’s only fair that you exploit such a significant consumer base. Influencer marketing is an excellent tactic to use on this platform. People are fond of following and imitating famous personalities. Just ensure that you pick the right influencers because they will be your brand’s ambassadors and represent your values and essence to the targeted audience.


Both Instagram and Snapchat offer high-quality visuals to hook consumers and lure them into buying your products. Unfortunately, they do not offer much help regarding customer retention and building loyalty. Whatsapp, on the other hand, offers both marketing and communication solutions for your business. You can send bulk marketing campaigns to interested and qualified leads and nurture customer relationships, especially post-purchasing. Messaging is part and partial of advertising today, and the WhatsApp Business Platform is the perfect tool to communicate effectively with your clients. Contact BusinessChat now and get exclusive insights into the effects of using WhatsApp on business. We will explain how the platform works and what you need to get started, along with one month free trial to satisfy your curiosity.

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