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Product advertisement
July 27, 2023

Product Advertisement Benefits and Promotion Channels

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Advertising is crucial for businesses across domains to promote their services, products, and updates. It can be done through various channels, including traditional methods like TV, radio, and print, as well as modern approaches like social media, email marketing, and WhatsApp Business. 

Let us help you choose the proper channel to create high-converting product advertisements. 

Benefits of Product Advertising

Promoting products

Product advertisements help introduce your product to the market in a way that grabs attention. Whether you are a well-established brand or a company taking its first steps, you need these advertisements to inform your target audience about your latest offerings. It also lets your customers learn about the product's key features in concise and compelling content.

Setting yourself apart from competitors 

Product advertising allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and highlight the added value you offer. It's a chance for customers to learn about your competitive pricing, innovative product features, and excellent quality. Avoid mentioning competing products to avoid distracting the audience's attention and preventing endless comparisons that may not work in your favor.

Targeting a specific audience

Product advertisements are direct, quick, and concise. You need to focus on the pain points of your target audience. Creating a buyer persona is essential before launching advertisements. Addressing a specific audience will lead to a significant conversion rate. 

Clear Communication with Customers

Commercial advertisements are direct and clear, urging action. Therefore, the objective is straightforward for potential customers.

Enhances brand image

You should use your brand logo and its specific colors in all your advertisements to help reinforce the brand image. Visual elements help fill in the gaps and aid in recall.

Reduces misunderstanding

An excellent and direct advertisement helps the target audience understand the product and its features, thereby reducing misconceptions surrounding the product and addressing customer concerns.

You will generate more leads and revenues if you create excellent advertisements, but what is the perfect platform for product ads? 

Product Advertising Platforms

There are four platforms for product advertising that you can leverage for your business: television, radio, print, and online. Each method has unique advantages and limitations, so we will give you an overview of what can help you.

Television and Radio

Television and radio have established the foundations of audiovisual marketing. They are still among the preferred promotional channels for many companies, especially during religious seasons and celebrations. Who can forget the whole family gathering in front of the TV, enchanted by captivating visuals? Or who has never owned a radio to listen to their favorite radio stations every morning and evening? The only thing that has changed today is the quality of content, as it has become more humorous and faster to avoid listener boredom.

Statistics from 2021 indicate that 81% of the population in Saudi Arabia watches TV for an average of an hour and a half daily. Therefore, you can include television and radio in your preferred promotional channels list and will undoubtedly witness positive results.


One of the traditional forms of marketing, print still enjoys a good reputation and wide usage. It includes advertisements in newspapers, magazines, posters, and billboards. Print materials feature attractive colors today, and drawing techniques have evolved to create more complex and attention-grabbing visuals. Therefore, you should work on shaping visual memories for the target audience to ensure they recall your brand.

Social media ads

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram represent the best and most widely used channels by businesses of all specialties. These platforms allow you to reach a broad audience and engage with your brand through comments, direct messages, and more. The speed of product advertisement dissemination on social media and its attractiveness, including various media formats, is one of its best features.

Website and Google Ads

You can advertise your product on your website. Also, google ads appear on the first search pages on Google, making them more visible to visitors.

Email Marketing

You can also leverage the potential of email marketing and send advertising messages directly to your customers' inboxes. 

WhatsApp Business Platform

With a 98% open rate and an instant message reading, WhatsApp is a direct and fast communication tool. It allows direct interaction with your ads and campaigns. Product ads on WhatsApp include various media formats to showcase product details. You can target specific segments by using the chatbot's information-gathering feature. 

Expect high conversion rates as WhatsApp encourages sending campaigns only to subscribed users who show interest. Consider leveraging WhatsApp Business for product advertising and take advantage of its outstanding services and tools for customer service.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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