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marketing campaigns on whatsapp
May 24, 2023

Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp: 10 ready-to-use examples

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Most e-commerce and retail shops send at least one marketing campaign per week. To ensure the success of these campaigns, you must diversify your offers, especially since people receive tens of messages daily from different brands.

If you want to distinguish your brand from the competition and achieve a good ROI, discover the following offers to win the attention of your target audience.

1 Limited editions

Offering a limited edition is an excellent strategy to measure people’s reactions to the product or specific characteristics. But it’s also an opportunity to give a special offer to your customers and make them feel important and recognized.

Limited editions usually grab the attention of a large audience and pump new life into your store and brand.

A recent study revealed that 42% of people aged 13-39 bought a limited edition because it’s cool. 34% of people said it makes them feel unique and special.

Offer a limited edition product and bring your store to the forefront of the competition. You would easily make the trend, and your sales will rocket while your customer relationships improve.

Limited editions template

2 Giveaways

Offering giveaways and freebies is a great strategy to increase sales and boost your customer database, as it offers incentives for people to sign up.

Giveaways are free word-of-mouth marketing because the campaign will be shared multiple times and get significant engagement. Statistics show that 62.13% of people will share such posts with friends. As a result, you will witness increased sales and significant brand awareness.


3 Discounts

Discounts lure the target audience instantly, as one study pointed out that 75% of people scour their inboxes to look for discounts. But it shouldn’t be your only offer, especially since many people equate discounted products with bad quality and low functionality.

Provide a good reason for the discount, such as seasonal campaigns or stock renovation.

Discounts template

4 VIP early access

Offering VIP early access to the most loyal customers is a perfect way to reward your customers and increase sales. In addition, these offers will likely make your customers feel gratitude and privilege for giving them exclusive opportunities to enjoy the best of your products before launch.

To make the most out of this method, you can divide VIP access into tiers, which will entice customers to increase their purchases to get the best of gifts. Indeed, statistics show that people are more likely to increase spending for this reason.

VIP early access template

5 Discount on collection

Discounts on collections are one offer that lures people more than single discounts. You can rely on historical data to decide which products to include in one offer. Usually, products will be of the same use.

Discount on collection template

6 Two for the price of one

Multiple product deals are one of the best deals that attract customers. Sales will increase by 73% if you offer a bonus product.

This can be a great way to use, especially if you are planning to renovate the stock.

Two for the price of one template

7 Free shipping

People are five times more likely to buy if you offer free shipping. It’s especially relevant and promising when dealing with an international market.

This offer should be conditioned with a particular order value; it will give people an incentive to increase their purchases.

Free shipping  template

8 Contests

Contests help boost customer databases by 34%, as most people are more likely to share their personal information in exchange for a lucrative incentive.

Contests will also yield substantial social media coverage and reach. On top, it yields customer satisfaction.

Use this method if especially if you want to increase brand awareness and views, and reach on your social media accounts.

You can offer a coupon just after the contest to reach people who did not win. It will make them feel essential and likely push them to buy immediately.

Contests template

9 Coupons

Offering coupons is a great incentive for brand awareness and customer loyalty, especially since 40% of shoppers feel satisfied when using a coupon.

Statistics reveal that 85% of people will buy if you offer them a coupon. This offer works best with cart abandonment and to bring customers back to the store.

Coupons template

10 Flash sales

Flash sales are one way to increase sales quickly because they yield massive engagement and interactions as people fear missing out.

Flash sales also intrigue people to share the offer with family and friends, believing it’s a great one-time offer.

This method works best during occasions when there is a shopping spree.

Flash sales template

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Table of Content

Table of Content

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