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WhatsApp API
May 24, 2023

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

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This post will share three convincing reasons why the WhatsApp Business Platform is a must-have for brands.

There are a lot of reasons why you need the WhatsApp API for your business! But, we will go through 3 main reasons.

Statistics show that 50 Million brands adopted WhatsApp to reach customers. Also, 175 Million people use WhatsApp to interact with business accounts.

So, let's dive into why businesses are rushing to adopt the channel.

1- WhatsApp is Where Your Customers Already Exist.

There are many good reasons to use WhatsApp API for you and your customers. Within these reasons, we have customer preference and adoption.

WhatsApp open rates can reach 98 percent (compared to email, which is just 20 percent ). So, using WhatsApp, you can avoid crowded inboxes and establish a direct, long-term connection with your customers.

Businesses use WhatsApp because it's the most adopted channel by users. It has 2 Billion worldwide subscribers in 180 countries.

WhatsApp also has a high engagement rate since 70% of its users check their accounts at least once a day.

WhatsApp is a favorite messaging app

The channel is ⅓ of the world's preferred digital communication channels for a reason. It's fast, simple, and reliable.

Also, you should choose messaging to engage your customers as a business because it's what your customers want.

In fact, 75% of adults wish to message brands the way they do with friends and family, and 57% say messaging with a brand feels more personal than calling.

The appeal of WhatsApp is that you're connecting with your customers on a channel they're using to communicate with their loved ones. So, your clients would appreciate having the ability to contact your business on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the number one app

Creating great customer relationships is the holy grail for most businesses. So, WhatsApp can bring you closer to your customers and ultimately greater conversions.

WhatsApp is the natural choice to build stronger customer relationships through messaging. Brands use it for its high adoption by users. But also for its attractive engagement rate and since it's the customers' favorite channel.

But why else do you need WhatsApp?

2- WhatsApp's native features and capabilities

Another good reason that encourages brands to adopt WhatsApp for communication is its native capabilities.

WhatsApp's native features and capabilities

So, let's take a look at WhatsApp features that are beneficial for brands.

  • It's one on one channel: It ensures direct communication. Your clients don't even need to scroll through a junky email inbox or wait in a queue to get what they need.
WhatsApp is one on one channel
  • It's conversational: WhatsApp creates two-way customer-centric conversations. So, your clients will no longer hear that annoying hold music to reach your support team.
WhatsApp is conversational
  • It's asynchronous: to fulfill a phone communication, the presence of two parties is mandatory. But, unlike the phone, WhatsApp is an interactive channel. So, you can reply immediately, or when it's convenient.
  • It is media-friendly: It allows you to share long or short texts and all types of media, something you won't get from SMS.

WhatsApp is media-friendly

Using SMS, you can only share a message of 164 characters. But, using WhatsApp, you can share up to 1000 characters. You can also share photos, video, audio, and even locations! So, you can use WhatsApp to send to your customers:

  • Invoices
  • Demo videos
  • Product information pages
  • Location of the shipment
  • And much more.
Invoices, locations, and other content to share on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's features represent a great opportunity for brands. It will help you scale up your business. But why else is WhatsApp a must-have channel for businesses?

3- WhatsApp Use Cases

WhatsApp use cases are another convincing reason you need to start using it to reach clients.

You can use WhatsApp in 4 ways:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Notifications
WhatsApp use cases

Customer Service

You can use WhatsApp to sharpen your customer service through chatbots or live agents.

WhatsApp is the right channel to provide support to your customers. In fact, with WhatsApp, customer service has never been more convenient, efficient, and fun!

You can always share text messages, emojis, images, and files of any kind with your customers.

Customer service on WhatsApp


Use WhatsApp to launch targeted marketing campaigns with opt-in clients.

WhatsApp is a great channel for businesses to market their products and services. As a promotional platform, it has untapped potential.

And because you need your customers' consent to send them WhatsApp messages, you can be sure that you'll only be targeting interested leads.

Send marketing campaigns

WhatsApp also offers tools such as Facebook and Instagram Ads that click to WhatsApp and QR advertising to empower marketers.

Ads that click to WhatsApp

Check this blog to learn how to create Ads that Click to WhatsApp.


You can use WhatsApp to increase sales and conversions by engaging your sales team in timely conversations with leads.

Messaging allows you to react faster to customer requests. You can also respond to their questions before putting them off the purchase.

This factor boosts your conversion rate and increases your customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp allows you to improve your product visibility as well. Thanks to conversational commerce and the WhatsApp catalog, it is much easier now to share product information.

Use WhatsApp for sales


You can replace your boring SMS campaigns with rich-media WhatsApp notifications to notify your clients timely.

You can share informational or promotional content with your customers via the "Broadcast" feature without breaching their privacy, as it works like the BCC feature in emails.

Send notifications

To Sum Up

Three reasons show that you definitely need WhatsApp for your business:

First, it's where your customers already are.

Second, its capabilities will surely help you grow your business.

And finally, you can use it to sharpen every area of your business, such as customer service.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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