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We make every customer conversation count for your business

Because we understand your needs, We offer unique values to make you successful.

Free Unlimited Conversations 

Because we believe that customer relationship should have no boundaries, we offer unlimited active users and unlimited conversations and unlimited contacts on all our plans.


Customer-Centric Solution

Because the customer should be the center of the relationship, not the customer ticket number, we build our system to show the lifelong customer conversation history, customer information view, unified all customer information.

ChatBox Agents love 

Native WhatsApp support with frictionless experience is key to agent productivity. That's why we made sure that the agent interface is simple, available in the browser and in the mobile App version with Arabic and English interfaces

businesschat mobile app
businesschat guaranteeing your success

Guaranteeing your Success

Because it is your first time, we take your hand to guarantee the success of adopting WhatsApp as a customer communication channel at scale. We support you for: WhatsApp API activation, ChatBot conversation flow design, application integration, configuration of BusinessChat, agents training, and coaching on the launch best practices.

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