Cart abandonment notifications
July 27, 2023

Cart abandonment notifications best practices and strategies

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Running an online store involves managing sales fluctuations caused by customers abandoning their shopping carts. Automated notifications are vital in recovering customers, lowering cart abandonment rates, and boosting revenue.

If you're facing this challenge, let us assist you in crafting the best converting automated abandoned cart notifications for effective customer recovery.  

Cart abandonment messages best practices

Transforming abandoned carts into a marketing strategy aims to re-engage potential customers and convince them to return to their carts or purchase a related product based on their shopping history. 

Customers have already reached the end f the funnel and only need a final trigger to act. Consider the following best practices to win them over with highly converting messages. 

An engaging subject

Studies indicate that 47% of individuals decide whether to open an email or message based on its subject line. Therefore, you must strive to make your subject line captivating and emotionally compelling, sparking curiosity in the recipient. This is especially important considering that abandoned cart messages are just one of the many emails your customers receive daily from various sources, and they may appear unimportant to some.

Make it personal

Customers should feel important. Therefore, including the recipients' names in the subject line can be helpful. For example, you can ask a personal question based on the customer's position in the purchasing journey.

Excellent and Clear Copy

It is essential for the message copy to be brief and to address the subject directly. Make sure to mention the abandoned product, highlight the customer's interest in it, how it can benefit them, and the urgent need to complete the shopping process immediately.

Clear message structure

The sections of the message should be clear, making it easy for the customer to identify what is required. Format your message perfectly and highlight the most critical information. 

Promotional Offers Related to the Product

The customer may have already purchased the same product elsewhere, so adding promotional offers for related products is beneficial to entice them to make a purchase again.

Call to Action

Make sure you include a call to immediate action at the end of the message, encouraging the customer to return to the cart or explore other options.


Including a link to your store is essential, making it easier for the customer to access the abandoned cart in one click. Better yet, including a catalog button if you use WhatsApp API will lead to higher conversions. 

Message components

Cart abandonment notifications best strategies

Make a series

People abandon their carts for different reasons. To make sure you don’t compromise much on prices, for instance, create a series of three messages to guide customers through the final steps of the funnel. 

  • First message: remind the customer about their abandoned cart with a gentle prompt like, "Did you forget something?" Add a product picture to reignite their interest and focus on potential benefits. 
  • Second message: provide an incentive to sweeten the deal, like free shipping with a certain spending threshold or free returns within 30 days. A discount might be critical if the item is expensive. 
  • Third message: consider mentioning limited stock or a time-sensitive element, and emphasize the need to get the item before something else happens. Example: getting a hat before summer kicks in. 
Cart abandonment series

Time it right

We suggest sending the first message one hour after cart abandonment for optimal results. Seize the opportunity while their shopping impulse is still fresh. Waiting too long may cause them to lose interest in the item they initially added to their cart.

Afterward, maintain a condensed timeline for follow-up messages, ensuring you strike a balance without being overly assertive:

For example, send the second message 12 hours later. 

Send the third message 24 hours later.

Message timimg

Make an offer

Add an offer to your third message to account for different reasons for the abandoned cart. Making an enticing offer can increase the chances of recovering lost sales. You can motivate customers to return to their abandoned carts and complete purchases by providing a compelling incentive. Offering a valuable deal shows you value them and gives them a reason to reconsider.    

Use social proof

You can reassure customers of the quality and value of their intended purchase by showcasing positive reviews, testimonials, or customer ratings related to the products they left behind. Social proof adds credibility and influences customers by demonstrating that others have had positive experiences with the same products. This builds trust and creates a fear of missing out (FOMO) effect, prompting customers to reconsider and complete their purchase to avoid losing out on a popular item.

Create urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in abandoned cart notifications can significantly impact customer response rates. By highlighting limited stock availability, time-sensitive offers, or impending expiration of discounts, you can motivate customers to take immediate action. Urgency conveys a feeling of exclusivity and prompts customers to prioritize their purchase, reducing the likelihood of further hesitation or abandonment. 

Offer multiple payment options.

Customers anticipate that you will cater to their preferred payment methods. Therefore, ensure you offer different payment options, including Cash On Delivery. 

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