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WhatsApp representing a way to grow your business
May 24, 2023

WhatsApp marketing: 5 ways to Grow your Business Using WhatsApp API

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As a business owner, we're sure you understand the significance of being engaged on platforms where your customers are active and where you can stand out.

WhatsApp is one of those platforms.

WhatsApp will help you grow your business easily and quickly. But how can you make that happen?

In this post, we will share with you five ways in which you can grow your business using WhatsApp.

1- Use a chatbot to provide Self Service on WhatsApp

82% of people expect an immediate response when they text a brand.

So, a chatbot ensures that your customers get a quick response.

It is available to chat 24/7, even out of office hours.

24/7 service

You can automate replies to repetitive messages and FAQs such as working hours and stock availability using a chatbot.

Use chatbot to answer FAQs

A chatbot can also integrate with any of your company's systems, such as an appointment system and shipment system. The integration allows it to answer all customer queries at a scale.

Integration with business systems

If a chatbot can't handle the situation, it can forward the conversation to a live agent smoothly and intuitively.

Self-service through chatbots

2- Provide Customer Service through Live Agents on WhatsApp

Customers now expect personalized answers and wish to be engaged in real-time communications.

WhatsApp's trusted and secure messaging nature makes it ideal for engaging your agents in scalable conversations with your clients.

Alternatively, suppose the chatbot can't fulfill the customer's request. Then, decides to hand it over to the human agent.

In that case, there are many alternatives to choose the most skilled and available person to handle the conversation.

A chatbot ensures a smooth conversation transition and routes it to the right agent based on the criteria you set. Then, your agents can save time and effort in taking care of complicated issues and interfere only when needed.

Customer service through live agents

So, you always need to offer the option of talking to an agent. Then, you can engage customers and meet their expectations.

3- Automate notifications using WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp to send automated notifications to opt-in customers based on certain triggers.

Once a client subscribes to receive messages from your brand on WhatsApp, you can automatically share transactional and non-transactional notifications with them.

WhatsApp allows notifying clients automatically through template messages.

In fact, there are ten types of template messages. The list includes reservation updates, shipping updates, payment updates, and more.

Types of template messages

So, you can share non-transactional notifications such as cart abandonment messages. You can also send product updates and recommendations to your clients.

Share cart abandonment messages

Or, you can share transactional notifications. For example, you can send bill and invoice issues and refund details.

share transactional notifications

The options are limitless!

4- Use WhatsApp to Share Personalized Marketing Campaigns.

WhatsApp allows you to collect customer information.

Then, your marketing team can use the collected data to share personalized campaigns with your opt-in customers.

Personalized campaigns

So, you can use WhatsApp to share special promotions and offers with your customers.

You can also use it to send new product launches, product recommendations, and back-in-stock messages.

Marketing messages: special promotions

Like email marketing, you can use WhatsApp to share as many marketing messages as you want as long as the message complies with WhatsApp policy.

Another tool provided by WhatsApp that you can use for Marketing is the Ads that Click to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp clickable ads are mainly Facebook and Instagram ads that forward the client to an immediate conversation on WhatsApp once the client clicks the ad.

It is one of the best WhatsApp entry points that encourage customers to contact you on your official WhatsApp number and help you grow your business.

Check our blog post to learn how to create Facebook and Instagram ads that click to WhatsApp.

5- Grow your Sales with Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers your clients a whole shopping experience while chatting with your business. This is called conversational commerce. So, you can offer a customer the option to view the catalog through WhatsApp button messages and lists.

In fact, WhatsApp allows you to build a catalog that integrates with the Facebook catalog. Since you can integrate it with your e-commerce systems, such as Shopify. Then, any update that occurs on your e-commerce system will also take place on Facebook and WhatsApp catalog.

You don't need to handle it manually.

WhatsApp offers your clients a cart as well. So, they can scroll through the catalog, select items, and add them to the cart. Then, your business will receive the cart in a message format.

Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp

That's it!

So if you're looking for:

More reach.

More leads.

More sales.

More growth.

Use these five ways to scale up your business using WhatsApp.

Tell us in the comments which tip you're excited to try first.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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