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WhatsApp Business Platform Pricing

Updated: Mar 6

This is a short guide to the pricing of the WhatsApp Business Platform.

We are sure you don’t want to miss all the features WhatsApp Business Platform offers. You should be familiar with its pricing model to avoid running into unnecessary expenses.

In this post, we will explain to you the pricing model of the WhatsApp Business Platform and how it works.

Basically, the WhatsApp Business Platform pricing model is composed of three costs which are:

  • WhatsApp fees

  • API hosting fees

  • Conversation management software fees

Let’s go through these three costs one by one!


WhatsApp Fees

The WhatsApp Business Platform pricing is conversation-based.

WhatsApp Business API Platform
WhatsApp Conversation Based Pricing

This means WhatsApp charges per conversation rather than per notification.

So, how does conversation-based pricing work?

According to the current WhatsApp Platform pricing model, conversations are divided into two categories:

User-initiated conversations

It is when the user sends the first message.

This type of conversation is initiated when a business responds to a user within the 24h session.

Business-initiated conversations

It’s when the business sends the first message or continues a conversation outside the 24h session.

This type of conversation can only be started with pre-approved message templates.

WhatsApp Business Platform Pricing
WhatsApp Business Platform Conversations Types

So, you need to pay for each conversation. But, the cost of a WhatsApp conversation differs per conversation type and per country.

WhatsApp API Pricing
WhatsApp Conversations Fees

But, the WhatsApp Business Platform allows 1000 free monthly messages for a business, which can be user-or business-initiated. ( There will be changes starting March 2023)


2- Dedicated Instance Hosting Fees

To host your WhatsApp API instance, you have two options.

You can choose to host the instance on the API cloud of Meta.

In this case, you don’t have to pay any fees; Meta will pay for the hosting.

Or, you can choose on-premise hosting. In this case, you have to pay for the support of a business solution provider, which will add certain costs to your budget.

You need to pay for setting up and maintaining the servers.

WhatsApp API Pricing
WhatsApp Business Platform Hosting Fees

So, the amount you will pay depends on the partner you choose.


3- Conversation management software Fees

The price of your WhatsApp Conversation Management Software depends on the one you use.

Most conversation management software defines pricing by the number of conversations. Or, they define it by the monthly active users you have.

In, we have a different pricing model since we offer unlimited conversations and contacts in all plans.

WhatsApp Business Platform Pricing
Conversation Mangement Software Fees

Take a look at our pricing model here.

WhatsApp API Pricing
BusinessChat Pricing

So, only you can decide how to get the best out of your conversations management software while saving extra money.



That’s all about WhatsApp Business Platform pricing.

But cutting off some costs and saving some money depends on your choices.

Your choices in the matter of how to host the API and which software you will use affect the costs.

Leave us a comment if you have any questions! We would love to answer.

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