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Price tag representing WhatsApp business platform full cost
WhatsApp API
May 24, 2023

WhatsApp Business platform cost ultimate guide

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If you want to use WhatsApp as an official channel for your business to communicate with customers, you have two options: Use the WhatsApp Business App if you are a business with a small customer base or WhatsApp Business API if your customer base is medium to large.

WhatsApp ecosystem

Explore our comprehensive guide, designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the distinctions between WhatsApp for Business App and WhatsApp for Business API. It will help you navigate the differences between the two offerings. 

It's worth noting that while WhatsApp for Business App is available free of charge, WhatsApp for Business API is a paid service. As a user of the WhatsApp Business Platform, you will receive a single bill from your chosen provider. However, it is essential to recognize that the overall price you pay comprises various components. To ensure transparency and make informed decisions, you need to acquaint yourself with the specific elements that contribute to the total cost of the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Explore this in-depth article that uncovers the underlying expenses of operating WhatsApp for Business API. Unveil the available pricing models from leading vendors and receive guidance to choose the provider that perfectly suits your requirements. 

WhatsApp for Business API's total cost is composed of two elements:

  • WhatsApp template messages' fees
  • WhatsApp Independent Solution Providers' fees

WhatsApp message templates’ fees

Types of WhatsApp messages

Before we analyse the prices of WhatsApp messages, you must know that there are two different types of messages on the Business Platform. These are the following:

User-Initiated Messages

They are  also referred to as session messages in Facebook documentations.  They comprise the conversation initiated when a customer sends a message to a business. The business has 24 hours to respond as per Facebook rules, and the 24-hour countdown starts from the time of the last message sent by the customer.

Business-initiated messages

These are templated messages. They comprise the messages and conversations initiated by a business sending messages to an opted-in customer out of the 24 hours window of the session messages.

When sending these messages or notifications, you must use a previously approved template.

WhatsApp Business Initiated messages template messages

WhatsApp messages pricing

Business-initiated messages (template Messages) are priced as per the quantity and the countries of destinations. Destination countries are determined by the customer's WhatsApp number country code.

The full list of WhatsApp message prices is showcased on Meta for developers website

To clarify more, consider the example of Saudi Arabia:

WhatsApp message prices in KSA

However, WhatsApp API is not a self-sufficient ap like its predecessor. You will need an independent solution vendor to provide your with a conversation platform. 

WhatsApp Independant Solution Vendors’ fees

Integrating WhatsApp API into your third-party solution is crucial to harness its full benefits, just like any other communication channel.

Note that you might hear about Business Solution Providers that offer hosting services and could or could not offer the platform. You have no need for additional hosting fees as Meta has opened up on cloud hosting free of charge. 

Currently, there are numerous providers offering WhatsApp API services, and the marketplace is expected to expand further, with hundreds of options in the near future. These vendors typically offer conversational alternatives for marketing, customer service, and clienteling software, providing a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Comparing pricing across these solutions can be challenging since they have different feature sets. However, there is a discernible pricing pattern among vendors, typically aligning with one or two of these models.

Flat-rate per message

In this model, the cost is directly related to number of messages sent monthly. Platforms charge extra value per message on top of standard WhatsApp fees per message template. 

Messagebird, for example charges a flat-rate of 0.005 USD per message. However, the price changes once your messages exceed 500.000 per month.

Messagebird pricing model


Pricing as per the number of monthly active contacts

This pricing is taken from the CRM and marketing automation industry, where the cost is directly related to the number of customers on the contact list. for instance, offers three packages with 1000 monthly contacts in the first, 3000 in the second, and custom contact for the third. 

This is not a good option if you are looking to scale outreach. Also, the packages limit the number of users or agents, which can pose another significant limitation. pricing model

Pricing as per the number of agents

The cost is directly related to the number of agents (sales or customer service) that use the solution.

Freshchat pricing model


Freshchat is pricing based on the number of active agents while also having a threshold for the number of free bot sessions per month.

Other platforms such as and Trengo also offer packages based on the number of active users, which can be limiting and expensive if you require a significant number of agents. 

Stress-free communication pricing

While the adoption of this model may be relatively limited among vendors, one notable provider that offers unlimited chat on all its packages is With, businesses can enjoy the advantage of unlimited messaging without any limitations or additional charges. 

Kartly pricing model


You can enjoy the full potential of your WhatsApp marketing automation platform including unlimited messages and agents for a very affordable price. 


Once you have received offers from various vendors, it is crucial to compare them on an apple-to-apple basis before finalizing a contract. This means carefully evaluating and comparing the features, pricing, and terms offered by each vendor to ensure a fair and accurate comparison. However, it is equally important to have a clear understanding of your own requirements and be confident in what you need from the WhatsApp solution. 

  • The number of monthly template messages
  • The number of customers that might contact you monthly.
  • The average number of messages per conversation
  • The level of sophistication you need in your chatbot and marketing capabilities
  • The number of live agents that you need to handle your customers

Table of Content

Table of Content

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