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May 24, 2023

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This post is about the must-have features that your conversation management software should offer.

In fact, you can't manage WhatsApp API chats without the software. So, you must choose your Conversation Management Software. Then, you can start sending messages to your clients using WhatsApp API.

What is the Role of the Software?

The software's role is similar to the role of a call center system. The software helps you use many voice channels to contact your clients. So you can connect your agents with customers at scale.

That's what conversation management software exactly does! It is the alternative to a call center system but for chatting.

So, you use a call center system to contact clients using voice. But, you use conversations management software to contact clients via messaging.

A call center system offers you an interactive voice responder. It automates responses for clients. Alternatively, Conversations management software offers you a chatbot. So you can automate messages and replies.

Also, conversations management software offers your agents an agent console. So they can manage customer chats on WhatsApp. It is similar to the one provided by a call center system to respond to customers' voice calls.

Shared inbox

A call center system is for phone call management. Conversations management software is an improved version of a call center system, but it is dedicated to WhatsApp chatting.

The software features aim to help brands manage scalable customer chats. So, how can you choose the right one?


What are the Features that this program should have?

1- Chatbot Capabilities

Chatbots are software with visual interfaces. They are designed to have valuable conversations with a scalable number of customers. They are available to chat 24/7.

Using chatbots, you can automate customer messages. So, you can automate greetings. You can also share auto-replies to their Frequently asked questions.

A chatbot can perform some transactions. It can also hand over the conversation to human agents when needed.

There are two types of chatbots. There are AI chatbots and Rule-based chatbots.

What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What is a rule-based chatbot?

A rule-based chatbot is also referred to as a decision-tree bot. It uses a series of defined rules.

These rules are the basis for the types of problems the chatbot is familiar with. So it can deliver solutions.

rule-based chatbot

Like a flowchart, rule-based chatbots map out conversations.

They are also better for the customer experience. A rule-based chatbot guides the conversation. So, it eases the flow for clients.

In fact, it has many advantages. Here are a few:

  • It merges easily with internal systems.
  • It simplifies the handover to a human agent.
  • It is highly liable and secure
  • It isn't restricted to text interactions.
  • You can also add interactive elements and media to the chat.

On the other hand, NLP technology is not at its best yet. Especially for certain languages. So, conversations may get confused.

2- Agent Console

The WhatsApp Business Platform is not an App. It comes in the API version. So, it doesn't offer a user interface.

This factor makes the presence of an agent console mandatory.

An agent console allows your agents to chat with clients at scale.

So, your software needs to equip agents with an interface. The interface should be designed to support high productivity and efficiency. Your agents don't need any other software or switch screens.

Agent Console

Some of the main features your agent console needs to provide are:

  • Single customer view: allows the agent to see all the history of the conversation. Also, allows seeing the customer profile in the corner of the screen.
  • Collaboration: Agents can assign customer issues to a more skilled agent.
  • Status of the customer issue: Agents can tag chats as resolved or snoozed.
  • Access on the go: It should offer your agents a mobile app so your agents can reply to customers from the shop, the office, or anywhere else.

3- Contact Management

Your Conversation Management Software should allow you to import customer information. So, you can import data from any other tool you use to manage customer contacts. It should also allow you to store customer information and tag them.

Your software should allow you to aggregate all the client information. So, you can collect data based on their communication with the chatbot or the human agents. These include their WhatsApp number, Name, language, location, and email. You can even get their product interest. So, you can use any other details piled during the conversation.

Contact Management

This feature allows the conversation to be sent to the right agent based on the client profile.

4- Ability to manage WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Your software should allow you to extract a segment of customers as per behavior. Then, you can launch promotional campaigns on WhatsApp.

This feature allows you to use and manage WhatsApp template messages easily to promote your services and products and get more reach.

Marketing campaigns capabilities

So, you can share product updates, occasional offers, and much more with your clients.

WhatsApp campaigns have a 98% open rate compared to an average of 25% for emails. So you will be able to elevate your marketing results, and your software should allow that.

5- Integration

Your Conversation Management software should allow unlimited integration. It should integrate with any of the business systems that you use.

You can integrate your billing system, the appointment system, and the shipping system. You can integrate any system your company uses!

Then, you can automate transactional and non-transactional notifications to notify your clients promptly.


6- Reporting

Reporting is key to monitoring the chat's quality. It is also necessary to check the team's performance.

Your Conversation Management software should provide some reports. These include the conversation statistics report. It should also provide a customer resolution statistics report and the performance per employee report.


That's a Wrap!

These are the most important features that your conversations management software should offer.

But keep in mind!

You can go for software that focuses on marketing or customer service. But we offer both!

Whether you want a conversation management platform centered around marketing or need one about customer service automation, Kartly.io can provide your business needs.

Kartly.io offers all the features we mentioned in this blog and much more. Contact us to schedule a free demo with our team. Then, you can start using the right conversation management software to scale up your business using WhatsApp.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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