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Customer star rating of WhatsApp messages
May 24, 2023

Customer experience on WhatsApp : optimize the conversations

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80% of people consider WhatsApp as their best conversational channel. They use it to contact families and friends. But, they also use it to reach their preferred businesses.


Moreover, many businesses use WhatsApp as a marketing channel. According to WhatsApp statistics, more than 5 billion businesses use WhatsApp to connect with their customers. As a result, these businesses grew their conversion rates in a short period. 80% of these businesses confirmed that WhatsApp helps their businesses grow.

Well, what we mean in this context is not the WhatsApp mobile application. We are not referring to WhatsApp for business either. WhatsApp Business is a solution for small businesses. Small businesses need only one user for their Whatsapp number.

WhatsApp business

What we mean is an inclusive solution which is WhatsApp Business API. This solution combines chatbot automation with human agents' skills.

This article reveals the top 4 steps you can follow. These steps will help you optimize your conversations using WhatsApp.

Define WhatsApp as your "Contact us" call to action channel

Rather than asking your customers and prospects to:

  • Email you,
  • Submit a form on your landing page,
  • Contact you during working hours,
  • Download your mobile App.

Ask them to contact you through your official WhatsApp channel.

All these "Calls to Action" may work. But, your customers' experience will be impersonal. Therefore, you need a channel that forwards your customers to a personalized conversation. So, instead, define WhatsApp as your call to action channel. This step allows your customers to contact you through your official WhatsApp.

Turning the conversation to WhatsApp is quite profitable. First, it allows an excellent customer experience. Second, it offers multiple features. An example of these features is chatbot automation. This feature improves your customer's experience as well.

A chatbot is available to communicate with your customers 24/7. Also, it can handle many customers concurrently. The chatbot can present the catalog and take orders. Also, it responds to general customer inquiries. The Examples include information about shop location and opening hours. Besides, we can train the chatbot extensively to do a lot more.

A chatbot will even qualify the customer and his needs. A chatbot can also identify the right moment to hand over the conversation to a sales agent.

Then, a human sales agent can have a personalized conversation with the customer. In addition, the conversation can go on the customer's favored conversation channel.

Move the conversation to WhatsApp using "Click to Chat" links

Changing your "Contact us" call to action channel to WhatsApp is simple. It would be best if you create a "Click to chat" link. Use the link on any platform you use to communicate with your customers easily.

"Click to chat" links represent a quick way to start a conversation with customers. The link allows you to take a conversation from any channel to your WhatsApp. It works even if your WhatsApp number doesn't exist in their book address.

The link allows your current and prospective customers to find your business from anywhere. The list includes social media, websites, SMS, Etc.

What is remarkable about "Click to chat" links is that you can quickly create them. You can also add text to the link. The text will show up to your customers and prospects. Once they click the "contact us" button, the text appears directly.

Some of the tools you can use to create your own "Click to Chat" link are Walink and ChatWith.

Learn more about creating "Click to Chat" links through this video.

click to chat link

Change the landing page of your Social Media Ads

Many businesses suffer from a low conversion ratio on their landing pages. Change your landing page if this is your situation. Instead, use your WhatsApp account. This step will help you convert new customers. Using WhatsApp means an immediate and personalized conversation.

Use a new landing page for your next Facebook or Instagram Ad. So, replace your old landing with your WhatsApp channel. Define WhatsApp Business as your landing page through the "Send a Message" button. This feature will instantly take your customers to a conversation thread. This way, you will avoid impersonal and annoying web pages.

Social media landing pages

If you are familiar with the basics of Facebook Ads, then you have everything to start. All you need now is to use your Call to Action in a different way. The first step is to link your WhatsApp Business App to your Facebook account. Now, select an objective for your campaign. The goal you choose should allow you to add your WhatsApp Business as your CTA. Take a look at the complete guide of creating Ads that click in the Ads Manager.

Many available objectives on Ads Manager align with your needs. So, pick a practical purpose for the campaign. The aim of your campaign should allow you to define Whatsapp as the destination of your CTA. Here are a few examples that you will find helpful:


You are driving traffic to your WhatsApp through clicks. It means having as many people as possible click through to your WhatsApp account.


Conversions are about getting people in touch with you. They will be able to send messages to your WhatsApp Business channel. Then, you will be able to track related website and app conversions.


Messages mean receiving as many messages as possible. The channel, in this case, is WhatsApp. You can also choose to receive messages on Facebook Messenger or Instagram's direct messaging.

Campaign objective: messages

Personalize Conversations with your Website Visitors Using WhatsApp

If you use Whatsapp as a marketing tool, you may reach about 1.5 billion people. That is true! But, this means that you need to use any channel you have in hand. So, your customers need to use WhatsApp to communicate with your business.

Use Live Chat if you have a high bounce rate or low conversions of your website visitors. It will help you improve your metrics. So, it would be best to embed a WhatsApp web widget chat into your website. The widget takes your website visitors to an instant conversation.

You can install a web page widget chat for your WhatsApp. You can even embed it for other channels. Simply use a multichannel widget to do it.

A multichannel website widget can include different communication channels. They can select the channel they consider convenient for them. For example, they can contact you through your social media platforms or phone number. In addition, widgets enable you to add your WhatsApp "Click to chat" link to your website for free.

Then, your website's visitors can chat with your business on Whatsapp. They just need to click the widget. This way, you will direct your customers to your Whatsapp channel. Then, they will message your business through the Whatsapp number you set.

Personalize Conversations

A WhatsApp widget enhances customers' engagement with your business. It enables your customers to contact your business with fewer efforts. So, you will improve your customer's experience.

Use the Outreach over WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a solution for medium and large businesses. It allows them to reach their customers quickly through the messaging App. It also improves one-to-one communication between companies and their customers.

Get more details about starting to use WhatsApp as a marketing channel through this article.

It is a fact that many customers use WhatsApp to get in touch with their favorite brands. They use it to seek an answer to their inquiries. They also seek customer support using WhatsApp. They can use it to receive crucial information and updates too. For example, customers contact businesses to ask about restocking, offers, and much more.

WhatsApp Business API has now expanded WhatsApp's power of reach even more. The solution enabled businesses to start a discussion with their customers. But, companies can start a conversation with their opt-in customers only. WhatsApp Business API created a conversational marketing solution. Proactive messages granted this solution. Therefore, businesses shouldn't miss this highly compelling marketing solution.

There are endless ways businesses can use WhatsApp to reach their customers. For example, brands can use WhatsApp Business to grow brand awareness. They can also use it to increase sales or improve customer engagement. Here are some suggested Whatsapp use cases:

Retail and Commerce

Businesses can share back-in stock reminders. They can also share product suggestions based on recent purchases...

Home Furniture

Businesses can send delivery tracking for customers. Also, they can share cart abandonment reminders for products not yet purchased.


A customer may receive price alerts for flights they track. They can also get flight reminders, and product up-sells offers.

use cases


These are the top 4 steps you need to apply. These steps will help you optimize your digital spending through WhatsApp.

Often, it is just a simple question that keeps people from converting. They will not submit the callback form or enter the hotline to get an answer. But, WhatsApp Business will solve that for you. It will help you generate leads directly from your digital conversations.

Whatsapp API adds the forces of a chatbot solution to the sales team's skills. It also gives your customers a personalized conversation instantly.

You can now acquire the solution. Just, contact through our official WhatsApp Number. is a pioneer conversation management platform in GCC. The platform activates the WhatsApp solution for medium and large businesses. Also, it enables your team to manage scalable customer conversations easily. offers you a turnkey solution. Our solution automates the bulk of customer conversations. Also, it empowers your agents with an intelligent chat inbox. So, your agents can handle complex cases smoothly. offers business consulting too. The goal is to help you transform your business conversations successfully.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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