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Free WhatsApp Widget for your Website

Grow your marketing list, gather more customer data, and redirect your customers to chat on WhatsApp with BusinessChat’s free WhatsApp widget button that integrates easily with your website.

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One click Whatsapp widget button for easy customer messaging

BusinessChat WhatsApp widget offers a convenient and seamless communication solution for your website visitors. It enables you to integrate your customers favorite communication channel into your website in their preferred language, creating a user-friendly communication tool for your clients. This allows you to maintain constant contact with your audience, while also increasing their satisfaction rate.

Why do I need BusinessChat WhatsApp Widget button?

Websites supported

Easy to integrate with website builders, content management systems, or even plain HTML.

To start using the widget

BusinessChat WhatsApp widget is easy to set up. You don't need to be a coding expert; all it takes is 1 min.

Contact collection

For Whatsapp API, the contact information of visitors who interact with your widget will be automatically collected

Design your widget Make it your own

No matter which industry you're in – whether it's retail, healthcare, real estate, or another field – you can accurately portray your brand's image and message to your customers. Simply customize the interface by selecting your icon, adding text, setting response times, crafting a welcoming message, and more. This straightforward adjustment will seamlessly align it with your brand's unique aesthetic!

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