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Automate customer service on WhatsApp

WhatsApp chatbot can automate responses to Frequently Asked Questions and even customer self-service around the clock


The features of the chatbot on WhatsApp are unparalleled

Works around the clock, even during official holidays, day and night, without a salary raise

Can serve all customers at the same time without any waiting, even during peak times

Customer Service through WhatsApp chatbot save up 90% on call center cost


You can automate many service use cases through the chatbot

Save your customer time and optimize your Human resources by automating:

  • Frequently Asked Questions: working hours, exhibition site, latest offers, product prices...

  • Product order

  • Appointment Booking

  • Shipment​ Tracking

& many other customers' inquiries that can be automated.

The most important features of BusinessChat chatbot

The customer only needs to press buttons to communicate with the bot, just like on mobile apps

The customer can choose the language he prefers: Arabic, English, or others

The possibility of integration with the internal systems to provide self-service

Proud to serve GCC Biggest Brands

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