WhatsApp Chatbot

Automate customer's
conversations 24/7 with Chatbots 

Drive sales, boost customer support and generate more leads with a chatbot that works for you. 

Drive Sales

WhatsApp Commerce

Build your shop and sell your products directly to your customers on whatsapp.

Book Appointments

Let the chatbot help you schedule appointments. Customers can select the time, the service, and the branch at their convenience.

Followup on Cart Abandonment

Follow up on prospects to close the sales cycle. Auto-trigger cart abandonment reminders to customers from your e-commerce system.

Boost Customer Support

Answer FAQs

Train your bot to provide answers to customer's frequently asked questions, saving a ton of time for your support team. 

Provide Self Service

Connect BusinessChat chatbot with your system to enable end-to-end self-service experience, like shipment tracking  and order cancellation. 

Trigger Satisfaction Surveys 

Collect customer feedback in real-time. Get detailed reports about what's driving customers' happiness and how your team is handling your customers.

Ignite Leads Generation

Generate and Qualify Leads

Bots work 24/7 engaging with leads, asking questions, and delivering qualified leads to you sales teams. 

Tailor Ads that click to WhatsApp campaigns

Bring customers from your social media channels, add them to your contacts, and customize your bot experience based on your campaign goal .

Launch Marketing Campaigns

Launch WhatsApp Marketing campaigns to target prospects. Let the chatbot handle interested customers and close them.

Chatbot Capabilities

Route conversations to the right team and Agent based on customer needs and availability.

Connect with your CRM, ERP, or any internal or cloud system.

Interactive Messages 
Build complex experience using buttons and list messages

Location Awareness
provide customers with the nearest branch or service center.

Avail your bot in English, Arabic, or any language you need. 

Don't ask the same question twice; remember customer's info and address them by name. 

collect customer's info and perform validations on input.

Out of working hours
configure bot experience based on your working hours.

Marketing Material
Share your brochures, latest offers, and promotional videos.