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How to turn WhatsApp to a business account

Updated: Mar 7

Meta has grown into a comprehensive, nearly self-sufficient ecosystem. Since acquiring WhatsApp in 2014, the company has sought to monetize the platform while offering its users an excellent service to use in eCommerce that works in coherence with Facebook and Instagram.

A Meta spokesman said: "We think messaging, in general, is the future of how people will want to communicate with businesses and vice versa. It's the fastest and easiest way to get things done."

Investing in shifting consumer behavior and the promise of instant messaging, Meta released two products to enhance the WhatsApp ecosystem. The Whatsapp business app and WhatsApp Business Platform are developed with different companies in mind. They are more than an upgrade to WhatsApp messenger. If you run a company, you must know how to turn WhatsApp into a business account.

How to turn WhatsApp to a business account?

We will walk you through the steps to shift from Whatsapp messenger to WhatsApp business, but first, let us tell you why you need to make such a move blindfolded!

Why you should upgrade

Whatsapp messenger is a simple messaging app to stay connected with friends and family via audio, video, or written messages. It's a great, free app and doesn't even charge for videos or images like SMS.

However, this app has no groundbreaking features that can become handy for business owners. You must download the business app to run your startup or small business.

Whatsaap business app offers the following features:

Business Profile

Adding information to your profile makes it easier for customers to define you and feel comfortable dealing with you. You can add a link to your online store, an address email, a physical location, and more. One beneficial feature is setting business hours so your customers know when you are available.

Welcome and away messages

You can add a welcoming message for new customers and an away message for when someone reaches out outside of business hours.

Automated replies

You can add quick answers to frequently asked questions and say goodbye to repeated typing efforts.

  • Catalog and cart feature: you can add a catalog to your business account so that customers can browse products conveniently and add them to the cart, then send them as a message.

  • Label chats: you can label chats for the sake of distinction. It clarifies the status of the customer.

  • Broadcast messages: you can simultaneously send marketing messages to approximately 256 people.

Put these features to use, and you will notice the ease of dealing with customers and handling the shopping experience.

How to turn WhatsApp to a business account

You can update and download the Business app if you already use WhatsApp messenger. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to migrate to WhatsApp business, consult this page, or follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp Business app.

  • Read the WhatsApp Terms of Service. To accept the terms, click Agree and Continue.

  • WhatsApp automatically recognizes the number you use on WhatsApp Messenger. Continue using the same number in WhatsApp Business; press the Use number button.

  • If the number on your screen differs from the number you want, tap the Use another number button and continue with the standard verification process.

  • WhatsApp will send a text message with a 6-digit code. Enter the six-digit code to confirm your number.

  • Set up a business profile, then click Next.

  • You can continue to edit business settings once your WhatsApp Business account becomes active.

Note that you can transfer your data from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp business if you wish to use the same app to communicate with your friends and family. The backup feature saves all your data.

This business account will be beneficial if you have a small company and want to leverage instant messaging. However, if you have a medium or large company, you must consider the second generation of the business app, WhatsApp API, or business platform.

Whatsapp Business Platform

Whatsapp Business Platform is designed for large companies wishing to scale their customer outreach and improve their marketing efforts. The platform sets a new definition for customer service and marketing.

Here are the upgraded features and use cases it offers:

  • Customer service: Chatbots work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing around 30% of inquiries. You can also have multiple log-ins, meaning unlimited agents can work simultaneously. Autorotation allows the chatbot to handle customers’ paths to human agents smoothly and effectively.

  • Marketing campaigns at scale: you can now send diverse, media-rich marketing content to people who opted in on their favorite conversational channel. You can reach an unlimited number of potential customers.

  • Catalog, cart, and payment options: shopping has become easier thanks to integration. You can integrate with the Facebook catalog and allow your customers a fully-fledged shopping experience with the possibility of adding items to the cart and paying from the app in certain countries.

If you asked me, I would say it's a treasure to hunt and exploit! So contact Businesschat now and let us show you how to grow your business in no time with the WhatsApp Business platform. We will provide the conversational system you need for this API and much more.

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