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May 24, 2023

WhatsApp marketing for e-commerce: 29 use cases

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“The quality of your communication determines the size of your result.”

Instant messaging helps your e-commerce business nurture customer relationships and drive revenues.  Use WhatsApp API to automate transactional notifications for repeated services and to send engaging promotional messages.

This article will list 29 message examples to inspire you to add value to your WhatsApp marketing campaigns in 2023 and beyond.

1 Welcome Message

WhatsApp API helps welcome new leads on the spot, thanks to the chatbot's quick replies. After that welcome note, you can activate the lead if they abstain from taking action. Next,  capture their attention throughout the awareness stage with relevant brand information and product or service details. Add rich media and clear CTAs to your messages. Offering a coupon code is also a best practice.

Welcome messages function to capture new leads’ attention and invite them to act.

Welcome Message message template

2 Cart abandonment

Data on 2022 shopping behaviors revealed that 7 out of 10 shoppers would not complete their purchase. Such numbers are alarming and would only connote bad results for your business. Automated cart abandonment series can effectively address this issue. Send up to three messages maximum to avoid spamming users. The first could be a simple reminder of the cart, the second can offer a lucrative discount, and the third can apply the FOMO technique. A 24-hour between each message could be a good technique.

Cart abandonment series function as marketing messages and address customers' pain points regarding the purchase.

Cart abandonment message template

3 Follow up on sales

A follow-up on sales will keep the lines of communication open. You can send messages with usage tips, a simple check-in, or a referral request. Unfortunately, businesses usually neglect these messages, a behavior that needs to change.

Follow-up on sales messages nurture loyalty. They can include usage tips, casual check-ins, referral requests, and many more.

Follow up on sales message template

4 Upsell and cross-sell

A Hubspot survey for 2022 revealed that 74% of salespeople say that upsells and cross-sells drive 30% of their revenues. Keeping an eye on customers' purchase histories and their profiles will help you send customized messages to recommend similar or related products.

These messages will drive sales significantly. Cross-sells promote similar products that fall within the same price range as the first purchase, while upsells promote more expensive products, usually from the same category as the first purchase.

Upsell and cross-sell message template

5 Loyalty programs

Loyalty is a hard-won value; ensure you keep feeding that loyalty you get from your customers. You can plan a clear outreach calendar for specific customers who qualify for your loyalty programs. For example, you can schedule monthly messages to offer them unique discounts. It can be one message or a drip campaign to reactivate them if they seem reluctant. Make sure you scrutinize your data first to make the right data-driven decision regarding the frequency and type of campaign you want to plan.

Loyalty programs message template

6  Feedback request: survey/ rating

Whenever a purchase is closed, or service is provided, you can ask for customer feedback. It will show them that their opinions matter and help your business improve, thanks to honest feedback. Actually, a Shopify survey revealed that 93% of new shoppers rely on previous customers’ reviews when considering purchasing an item.

These messages can include surveys if you want to collect comprehensive feedback, or they can be simple rating requests that won’t take much of people’s time.

Feedback request message template

7 Post-purchase UGC requests

Sometimes, people trust common users more than they trust brands. That’s why user-generated content usually drives more engagement on social media than company posts. Tap into this huge potential and ask your most loyal customers to share their experience, opinion, and rating of your products on social media. This will help you drive more sales.

UGC requests message template

8. Warming up cold customers

Customers, even loyal ones, might keep quiet for a long time. It might help to send them a warming message every once in a while. You can start with personal messages to check how they are doing and value the relationship you've built over time. A second message can trigger them to visit your store, check your newest collections, etc. Finally, you can offer them a special comeback discount. These messages will most likely reengage customers.

Warming up cold customers message template

9 Quick reorder

One of the best ways to drive sales and ensure people keep coming back is by providing them with a quick reorder option. If customers buy an item used frequently, they will likely keep buying it over and over from the same source if they like the service. So add a quick reorder message to help customers avoid the browsing and search struggle and get what they need in one simple click. The message will include all the same item information and characteristics from the previous purchase.

Quick reorder message template

10 Product recommendations

If you have a physical store, you must have instructed your employees to help customers and recommend certain products. Well, online, you can do much better service. You have the advantage of collecting their information and understanding their profiles; hence, you can make more qualified and relevant recommendations based on their perceived preferences, etc.

Product recommendations  message template

11 Browser abandonment

Traffic on your website or online store needs to be nurtured. If someone browsed through your website quickly and left, you can follow up with them and send them a browser abandonment message. You can ask about their needs, offer them other alternatives, or offer them a path to human agents. A well-timed two or three messages maximum might do the trick if you think one message is insufficient.

Browser abandonment message template

12 New product launch

Creating expectations and excitement around a product will likely lead to significant sales. Whenever you have a new product to be released, make sure you turn the heat on with visual marketing messages to keep people on edge waiting. A series of two to three messages maximum could generate a significant number of potential buyers. Make sure you mention the launch's exact time and date and any special offers you are releasing on the promised day.

New product launch messages function to create excitement and directly invite people to buy with clear, direct advertising content.

New product launch message tmeplate

13 National holidays/ events

People go on a shopping spree during national holidays. 60% of surveyed shoppers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia said they look for new products and brands during sales seasons. Whether it’s human psychology or just need, people tend to shop more during special events and holidays. You can take advantage of this and prepare a calendar to remind you to send relevant and timely advertising messages during such occasions. Make sure you send your messages a week earlier to allow people time to familiarize themselves with your products and think. Then, you can send another reminder one day earlier.

These messages build bonds with customers and show that your business cares. They are, of course, an opportunity to advertise specific products.

National holidays message template

14 International retail holidays

Like national holidays, international retail or shopping holidays have become relevant to more people worldwide and the middle east in particular. These occasions have become synonymous with discounts and special offers, and people are paying more attention. A calendar will help you keep track of these events and plan to ensure profits. Highly visual content usually does the trick, so make sure you enlist the help of your brand assets and provide an offer people can't refuse.

International retail holidays message template

15 Monthly themes

Depending on the niche of your e-commerce or retail store, you can take advantage of some monthly themes in your marketing efforts. Mental Health month, for instance, can be an opportunity to advertise healthcare-related products and services. It’s a theme that has been grabbing much attention these years, especially after the covid pandemic. People will appreciate the attention given to such a sensitive issue and the efforts to provide affordable products and services for their sake.

These messages can enhance public relations and brand image and drive sales.

Monthly themes message template

16 Personal birthdays/occasions

People love attention; that’s a fact. Now, how can you use this simple truth to drive sales? A US survey found that 52% of men forget their partners' birthdays, imagine the situation in the Middle East and elsewhere! Women do feel neglected when this happens, and likely most people will feel the same.

Generally, a simple message on someone’s birthday wishing them prosperity and health and a great discount offer will probably make their day and benefit your business. You can follow the same pattern with other special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries if you have the necessary data on your clients.

These messages yield loyalty and bonds with customers.

Personal birthdays message template

17 Back-in-stock

Whatsapp API offers outstanding automation flows to help you provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Flows are triggered by customers’ actions and are various.

Products will run out of stock quickly. If you see massive demand for your products, sending an automatic notification when you have new stock available will be a good idea. It will help people waiting to get their order and entice them to buy again.

Back-in-stock message template

18  Product information

People appreciate thorough details on the product that interests them. You can help them decide by sending relevant and comprehensive details on single products or collections.

Product information message template

19 Order Confirmation

Once a customer places an order, you can automate a process to send them timely messages asking for an order confirmation. The message should include all the item details like the color, size, shipping address, etc. It will allow the customer to make sure they chose the right one and will offer you the chance to thank the customers for shopping from your store. If they confirm, proceed with the order status series; if they cancel, send them a cancellation confirmation and plan to reengage them.

Order status message template

20 Order status

Don’t keep your customers longing for information regarding their purchases. Instead, reassure them that their orders are being taken care of. Send them a comprehensive series to confirm their order, alert them of the delivery, and again to determine the day of arrival.

Order status messages anticipate the flow of customer queries and keep people updated.

Order status message template

21 Reservation update

The reservation system can be fraught with several issues. To ensure that you maintain the confidence of your customers, send them regular updates, especially if any changes happen. For example, an automated notification two or three hours earlier to a dinner date could save someone’s night and help your business retain its customers.

Reservation update message template

22  Ticket update

If your business uses the ticketing system, then a ticket update will be necessary to ensure your customers that their requests or queries are being handled. The frequency will depend on the situation and ticket. Generally, you must send a ticket update when you receive one and follow up on it whenever something new changes.

Ticket update message template

23  Account update

We all appreciate a security-oriented service provider, especially with the rising number of platform breaches, etc. So ensure you include an automated system to alert your customers whenever suspicious activity happens on their accounts. It can also be used for simpler reasons, such as status, upgrades, or changes in terms of use.

Account update message template

24  Alert update

Alerts can go on for different reasons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a red flag. It can be a price alert, a news alert, or a change due to a general health situation, closing down due to a pandemic, for instance.

Alert update message template

25 Transportation update

These updates can differ according to your business. They can be delivery transportation updates to keep your customer updated on the status of their purchase until it reaches their doorsteps. Or it can also be updates on people’s transportation status, a delay, reminders to head to the airport, etc.

Transportation update message template

26 Appointment update

How many people forget about a doctor’s appointment? One survey found 23% of people don’t attend appointments unless reminded. If your business schedules appointments, add an automated reminder to ensure customers remember.

Appointment update message template

27 Shipping updates

E-commerce and retail stores need to incorporate automated shipping updates in their services. Tracking the delivery of packages is necessary for both businesses and customers. Everyone will be rest assured that nothing goes awry.

Shipping updates message template

28   Issue resolution

Issues can be anything from account tech issues to order inconveniencies and navigation setbacks. A timely issue resolution notification will likely increase customer confidence and reaffirm your reputation.

Issue resolution message template

29  Return/Refund

As an e-commerce business, you need to offer customers refund or return options; it’s vital for brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Create messages for such cases so that you can automate the process and provide faster service.

Return message template

Mix and choose what best suits your e-commerce business. Also, plan ahead and stay on top of your customer's needs with well-thought, decision-based WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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