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Building a customer database with WhatsApp
May 31, 2023

How to build a significant customer database using WhatsApp Business?

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Thanks to a response rate of over 70%, WhatsApp has proven to be an exceptional channel for building customer relationships. But how can you use this viral channel to grow your audience and business?

We will share in this article the most important methods and best practices for building a massive customer base.

How can you attract customers to WhatsApp?

To attract your customers to the WhatsApp Business app, it's best to define your goals regarding customer service and how to use this channel. 

WhatsApp will not only help you answer frequently asked customer questions but will also contribute to increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

There are different ways to promote WhatsApp as a primary communication channel - explore them yourself and decide which method works best for you.

What are WhatsApp entry points?

WhatsApp entry points are how customers communicate with a brand or an online store.

These entry points include email, phone number, website call-to-action links, social media posts, etc.

WhatsApp entry points are the channels or invitations to take action to attract your customers to the chat channel. Later, you can engage them in personalized and interactive conversations.

You can create a WhatsApp entry point at each step of the customer journey. For example, before purchasing, you can share information with customers who want to learn more about a product or service. During the purchase process, you can send updates based on customer preferences.

WhatsApp entry points can also benefit businesses by providing better customer care and working on increasing loyalty through post-purchase support. This will help, in the long run, increase repeat purchases and customer retention.

How to integrate chat entry points on WhatsApp Business?

You can promote the use of WhatsApp on various platforms by adding buttons that direct users to your WhatsApp account. Your audience will be assured that WhatsApp is your primary communication channel.

Add WhatsApp buttons on your website and social media accounts. When clicked, your customers can start a conversation via WhatsApp to request more information about a product, receive suggestions, or seek advice.

Customers will be redirected to WhatsApp to initiate a conversation when they click the WhatsApp button. Their phone numbers will also be automatically stored in your customer management system.

How do you create Quick Response (QR) codes?

If you want to generate a QR code that allows your customers to scan it and be directed to your WhatsApp account, use an online QR code generator.

The QR code can be used even in offline mode. You can also customize the code to display a pre-programmed message when the chat window is opened, engaging the customer in conversations immediately.

Where can WhatsApp entry points be placed?

On the website (unpaid)

You can promote WhatsApp as a primary communication channel on your website. Just make sure to add the button prominently on the page.

On your contact page

Your website's contact page can be the best place to advertise your presence on WhatsApp. Add a chat button to let customers chat if they want the best way to contact you. Alternatively, place a WhatsApp icon to be more visible and attract visitors to your website.

Promoting WhatsApp as a communication channel on your contact page may decrease incoming phone calls as customers choose to use WhatsApp messages, especially with instant and synchronous responses, instead of costly phone calls. WhatsApp will save time and money for everyone.

On your product pages and blogs

Your product pages may be optimized for user experience and mobile phones. However, users may quickly lose interest if they have questions and can't find an easy way to contact you. The shopping experience will be significantly enhanced for your customers if they can click a button on the product page to be redirected to a WhatsApp conversation, regardless of the device used. This will help create a positive brand image and make life easier for customers.

On social media platforms (unpaid)

You can create entry points on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. For example, add a permanent link in your profile bio on social media accounts or include a link in your posts and stories to direct customers to WhatsApp and start a conversation when they click on the link.

Via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system (unpaid)

If you're struggling with handling a high volume of calls during peak hours, you can redirect customers to WhatsApp through your interactive voice response system. This way, you won't miss any conversations, and your customers will feel in control.

The IVR system will minimize wait times as employees can manage multiple WhatsApp conversations more effectively.

In advertisements, catalogs, and printed newsletters (paid)

You can generate a quick response code and add it to your offline advertisements to reach potential customers and ensure their interaction with your online offers. If your advertisement promotes a new product, you can invite interested customers to contact you through WhatsApp and share a link to a product demo video. Alternatively, if it's an advertisement for a restaurant, encourage customers to call you for reservations. Regardless of the use case, starting a conversation is easy by adding a quick response code with a link to send a WhatsApp message. Once the customer taps the button, you can capture their name and phone number.

Instagram Ads that convert to WhatsApp (paid)

Your Instagram and Facebook ads should include a button that directs users to WhatsApp. If the ad captures your customers' interest, they can interact with it and contact you directly on WhatsApp. This allows you to initiate a meaningful conversation with your customers faster.

The examples of printed advertisements discussed above can also be easily adapted to social media ads. Add a link or a quick response code and ask the audience to contact you through their preferred messaging channel.

How to communicate with your customers on WhatsApp?

Once you have a valuable customer base, you can send marketing campaigns to 256 customers at a time using the broadcast message feature. This feature allows you to communicate with multiple customers without group messaging. Your message will be delivered individually to each person on the broadcast message list.

You can access this feature in the WhatsApp Business app by tapping the three dots in the user interface.

To use this feature, ensure that your potential customers have subscribed to receive promotional messages; otherwise, your messages will not reach them.

However, if you have a large customer base, WhatsApp Business may not be sufficient for communicating with all your customers. The application also does not allow for marketing automation. For example, you cannot send automated notifications such as order status updates and abandoned cart reminders.

Therefore, the WhatsApp Business API platform serves as a solution to overcome these limitations. You can send marketing campaigns to thousands of customers with just one click. It will also be easy to send automated notifications, thus facilitating the customer journey.

To use the WhatsApp Business API platform, contact WhatsApp Business Solution Providers to provide a platform for managing conversations.

Table of Content

Table of Content

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