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May 24, 2023

10 Ramadan marketing tips based on Google and Meta insights

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Ramadan is a time for reflection and gatherings. But it is also a great opportunity for e-commerce businesses to connect with their audiences and launch relevant campaigns.

To help you nail your Ramadan 2023 marketing efforts, we’ve collected the most critical insights from Google and Meta. Consider the following data-driven tips to achieve growth:

People tend to allocate more time for entertainment during the Holy Month, especially with family gatherings. Videos and TV shows are the first two channels most used to scavenge exciting and creative content. I mean, who doesn’t remember the lantern video song?!

According to a TGM study on Ramadan behaviors in the Middle East, watching online videos will increase by 63%.

Some brands have succeeded in leaving a footprint by creating content that derives from the region’s folklore, traditions, and religious worldview. 2023 Google insight might help regarding the sources of inspiration you can rely on to create an impactful video creative and align your brand with people’s behaviors and values.

Tackle societal issues

Ramadan is a reminder to do good; hence it’s only convenient to emphasize this tendency and associate your brand with it. Significantly 84% of young Gen Zers (14—17) say they buy products based on beliefs, while 64% of older Gen Zers (18—26) say they show their activism through their chosen brands.

Appeal to these audiences with relevant content that can be fun and educational while associating your store with a good cause. Almarai’s 2022 campaign addressing food wastage received 39 million views!

Create value-conscious and audience-sensitive content

While tackling different topics and taking stands, ensure that you create value-conscious content that is also audience sensitive, i.e., offer relevant messages that will help your audience. Rely on data and study the public reactions to global and local topics and issues.

Create value-conscious and audience-sensitive content

Create relevant, insight-based content

Searches on youtube triple during Ramadan. Data revealed that 1 in 3 consumers search for content about home and garden, fashion, beauty, food, and groceries. Tap into the potential presented by these topics and cater to the specific needs of your audience.

Create relevant, insight-based content

Collaborate with influencers

83% of Gen Z in Saudi Arabia, 61% in UAE, and 86% in Egypt are subscribed to celebrities and content creators on YouTube. Leverage their influence and collaborate with the right influencers to bring your brand closer to your target audience. Choose people with similar interests and or choices and values to your brand so that content doesn’t seem superficial.

Collaborate with influencers

Use youtube shorts

61% of Gen Z in Saudi Arabia and Egypt use short videos to discover longer forms of content to watch. Use this feature to capture people’s attention with exciting content and invite them to continue exploring more on another video.

Use youtube shorts

Create different forms of videos

According to Meta statistics, 65% of observers watch video content more during Ramadan and Eid. Videos make up half the time people spend on Facebook.

You can use different video forms to present engaging brand storytelling. Meta is prioritizing two forms of videos: reels and Facebook in-stream ads.

Create different forms of videos

Create content promoting togetherness

People have reported feeling closer to a brand after seeing Ramadan and Eid-related content on social media. Through storytelling, you can tap into this potential audience and identify with their beliefs and values. For example, 91% of users want to see content promoting togetherness and community bonds. This can be a perfect incentive to use referral and loyalty programs.

Use augmented reality

AR can put your brand at the heart of the Ramadan celebration, as statistics say that 83% of shoppers who have used or are open to using AR agree it influences their purchasing decisions. Use AR especially for your Eid campaign when people are more likely to buy instantly if they find the perfect product. Help them see what suits them best, and let all eyes be on you. Add augmented reality camera effects to mobile ads on Facebook, Instagram feeds, and Instagram stories to increase the performance of your campaigns.

Use augmented reality

Strengthen connection with business messaging

Statistics say 7 in 10 people have used instant messaging services during Ramadan and Eid. You can benefit from this new tendency by using WhatsApp as your first communication channel. It’s people’s favorite and offers a seamless end-to-end encrypted experience. Thanks to the catalog feature, you can nurture relationships with your customers on WhatsApp and help them shop frictionlessly.

Strengthen connection with business messaging

Find growth in international markets

One survey revealed that 44% of people had made a cross-border purchase during Ramadan. You must invest in product campaigns well and provide precise information as consumers emphasize the need to learn more about items and, if possible, try them with AR.

Videos are also one great way to showcase product features and characteristics. And collaborating with content creators to reach local audiences is gaining more relevance and importance.

Meta's cross-border solutions help you tap into global markets. These solutions include regional and worldwide targeting tool, multi-country lookalike audiences, dynamic language optimization tool, and multi-language, multi-country dynamic ads.

Find growth in international markets

Use discovery commerce to tap into new audiences and reach more people than those who already want to buy from you.  Meta concludes that “growth comes from reaching new or existing customers that want or need just what you have to offer.”  

Along with these tactics, using WhatsApp API can significantly increase your chances of winning over customers during Ramadan.

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