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WhatsApp Inbox for all the customer facing employees

A system to manage scalable WhatsApp conversations between customers and employees just like the voice call center system

Advantages of customer service on WhatsApp

High customer satisfaction

60% of customers prefer to get served on WhatsApp instead of waiting on the queue of a call center

Quality of Customer Service

When using the BusinessChat dashboard, you can monitor the quality of all employees' conversations

Cost 80% less
  One employee can serve 5 customers at the same time via WhatsApp, but only a single customer over the phone


Serve your customers in all situations

Customer service team or even in shop sales team can:

  • Answer specific customer questions

  • Complete product order

  • Complete booking procedure

  • Open a ticket and follow-up of a complaint

  • Follow up shipment

Everything from BusinessChat platform​

The most important features of the BusinessChat inbox

Connect with your customers from BusinessChat mobile app or from your web browser

Route the conversation to the most skilled team upon customer request: online sales, customer service, in shop sales...

All customer conversations history are recorded in one place

Reports to monitor conversations and employee performance on a single dashboard

The Inbox interface can be in Arabic or english as per the employee convenience

Automatically assign the conversation to the available employee with the least number of clients

Proud to serve GCC Biggest Brands

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