WhatsApp ChatBox 

Intuitive and Simple messaging Inbox, empower agents to manage scalable customers conversations

Empower your Agents to handle many concurrent customers successfully from your official WhatsApp account.

Team ChatBox 

The team ChatBox is a WhatsApp inbox for all the agents that share the same skill set: a "Sales Inbox" for the sales team, a "Support Inbox" for the support team,  "Downtown Shop Inbox" for… 

Team chatbox
Chatbox Customer discovery

ChatBox Customer Discovery Features  

The ChatBox allows agents to discover all the customer context on a single interface: view ChatBot live conversations, view customer information, Quick search, view customers’ life-long conversation history...

ChatBox Agents Collaboration Features  

The ChatBox allows agents to collaborate with the colleagues without leaving the chat interface: handover the conversation to another agent, creating a note about the customer or his request.

businesschat agent handover
businesschat media

ChatBox Service Delivery Features  

The ChatBox allows agents to have multiple customers’ conversations with ease: reply to the customer conversation through text or file attachment, native lock (lock after 24 hours policy), resolve a customer conversation once the service is delivered.

Intuitive and Simple ChatBox 

The ChatBox is as simple as the WhatsApp application and can be available even for the Frontliners agents through the mobile App. The ChatBox is Available with Arabic and English interface.

businesschat platform in arabic