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Snapchat Profile: The benefits of having a profile for businesses

Updated: Mar 7

Snapchat Profile

Snapchat, an instant messaging and multimedia-sharing platform is a great way to share and live the moment with friends. It allows users to explore real-life stories worldwide and feel the impact instantly.

Snapchat has evolved to include businesses in its list of users. As a result, business owners of all niches can create a profile on the platform and connect with a significant consumer base. The different types of profiles Snapchat provides make this relatively easy to accomplish.

If you are a business owner, you should consider creating a public profile on Snapchat. It is easy to reach a larger audience and promote your business.

Snapchat profiles

To start with Snapchat, you must create a personal profile called My Profile. This is the place to post and see your info, like your Bitmoji, location on the Map, and friend info. After that, it’s just like any other profile on any social media platform.

The second type of profile on Snapchat is the Friendship profile. This profile is unique and specific to your friends; it’s a collection of your memories, messages, and charms. To see a Friendship profile, swipe right from the camera screen and tap on a friend’s Bitmoji icon.

The third profile on Snapchat is the Group profile. It shows your saved snaps and chats within a group chat. You can add friends to group profiles. To log in, swipe right, and tap on the desired group icon.

Last, Snapchat has a public profile option. This grants users visibility on the platform, and business owners can create public profiles to connect with a broader user base and get discovered. The Public Profile grants access to a handful of tools like showcasing Stories, Lenses, and Subscriber Count!

Individuals can create a public profile and add stories and lenses to be visible permanently. On the other hand, business owners must create a business account to access the creator mode and start growing their follower base with relevant content.

Snapchat Profile

The benefits of having a public profile for businesses on Snapchat

There are many benefits of having a public profile on Snapchat. First, it allows businesses to connect with a broader audience and build their brand. Second, they can connect with customers and get feedback. Third, they also connect with other businesses and build partnerships.

Below are the advantages a public Snapchat profile will grant you.

  • Add a Photo, Bio, Description, Location, Stories, and Lenses

  • Snapchatters can Subscribe to you

  • Show your Subscriber Count

  • View Public Story, Lens, and Audience Insights

  • Add to a Public Story separate from My Story

  • Select a Category for your Public Profile

  • Add a Website and Public Email to your Public Profile

  • Have a Chat button on your Public Profile

  • Snapchatters can turn on Story Notifications

  • Assign and Manage Roles

  • Enable Public Story Replies & Quoting

Now, why would you put such great features and tools to use? Snapchat is a must-have profile for companies.

Why Snapchat is a great way to promote your business

You have o use Snapchat to promote your business for several reasons.

  • Snapchat has a large and engaged user base.

  • Snapchat is incredibly visual, which makes it ideal for promoting products and services. Visual content is attention-grabbing and intriguing.

  • Snapchat is very interactive, allowing businesses to connect personally with customers.

  • Snapchat is an excellent way to reach a younger audience. It is famous with Gen Z and millennials, who have excellent purchasing potential and are more likely to buy online.

These factors make Snapchat an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. So, consider leveraging these characteristics and features to enhance your business profits and visibility. We will help you figure out how to create a profile.

How to create a public Snapchat profile

Creating a public profile for businesses on Snapchat is simple and only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps to get started:

Snapchat Profile

  • Click Create profile

  • Log in to your business account or create one with a unique username.

Snapchat Profile

  • Enter your business name, website, and other relevant information

Snapchat Profile

  • Click Create

Your public Snapchat profile is now live and viewable by anyone with the Snapchat app.

Once your profile is ready, you can assign team members and more.

  • Add member roles

Snapchat Profile

Now it’s time to upload content on your profile and grow your follower base.

On top of all the features and tools you can use to achieve visibility, you can turn your public Snapchat profile into a point of sale! Just link your Shopify store on your Profile, and Snapchatters can browse, try on, and buy through the “Shop” feature.

Alternatives to Snapchat: Instagram and WhatsApp


If you want to create visual content for your brand but are afraid of the quickly disappearing content on Snapchat, you could rely on Instagram instead. Instagram may be a favorite among different demographic groups and is visually focused.

Instagram is estimated to succeed with 2.5 billion monthly active users by 2023. It's only fair that you exploit such a significant consumer base. Influencer marketing is a superb tactic to use on this platform. People are keen on following and imitating famous personalities. So make sure you pick the right influencers because they will be your brand's ambassadors and represent your values and essence to the targeted audience.


Instagram and Snapchat offer high-quality visuals to lure consumers into buying your products. But unfortunately, they only offer a little help regarding customer retention and building loyalty. Whatsapp, on the other hand, offers both marketing and communication solutions for your business. You'll send bulk marketing campaigns to interested and qualified leads and nurture customer relationships, especially post-purchasing. Messaging is a component and partial of advertising today, and therefore the WhatsApp Business Platform is the perfect tool to communicate effectively with your clients. Contact BusinessChat now and obtain exclusive insights into the effects of using WhatsApp on business. We'll explain how the platform works and what you need to get started, together with a one-month free trial to satisfy your curiosity.

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