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Make WhatsApp your #1 sales channel

  • WhatsApp marketing campaigns 

  • WhatsApp chatbot for automated replies

  • Customer service department on a unified WhatsApp number


Proud to serve GCC Biggest Brands

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Target your audience with promotional campaigns on WhatsApp

Announce a new product or a seasonal offer or price discounts over WhatsApp and be amazed with an ROI 10 times higher than SMS

Automate customers' conversations 24/7 with Chatbots

WhatsApp chatbot can automate the replies on the Frequently Asked Questions over the clock: shipment tracking, working hours, shops locations, list of products...


Customer service
department on a unified WhatsApp number

Enable all employees to serve scalable number of customers through your company’s official WhatsApp account.
With the shared inbox of BusinessChat, conversations will be distributed to all customer service employees to serve them on the WhatsApp channel ... Unlimited number of employees

Use every opportunity to build a better relationship with your customers

Convert customer visits to your website and social media pages into WhatsApp conversations and you will increase your prospect database. You can target them later with marketing campaigns


Use WhatsApp to automate notifications

To automate sending invoices, confirming appointments, reminder of abandoned carts and other important notifications, you only need to connect your system with BusinessChat

You don't need technical expertise to increase your sales on WhatsApp, we are here to hold your hand

Conversation design and chatbot Implementation

Training of the Customer Service and Marketing teams

Assistance for WhatsApp number activation, including the unified and toll-free numbers

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